4 Benefits of Choosing a Locally Owned Pharmacy

For most people, trips to the pharmacy are more of a hassle than an enjoyable endeavor. However, Ely Drugs is happy to change all that for our customers. Here are four benefits of choosing a locally owned Bowling Green pharmacy.

Benefit #1: Knowing the Pharmacy Team

Why go to a major drugstore chain where you’ll probably get a different pharmacist every time? Our team at Ely Drugs lives and works in the same community you do. We are your friends and neighbors here in Bowling Green!

Benefit #2: Individual Attention

Many patients dislike the big chain pharmacies because they offer little in the way of individualized service. At Ely Drug, we offer private consultations to ensure you’re getting the right level of concern from our pharmacy team. This allows us to help you make decisions about your medication and health in an honest and caring manner. Think of it as our way of giving you personalized service every step of the way.

Benefit #3: Ability to Ask Questions

Another benefit of using a local pharmacy is that you have the ability to ask questions about your medication as they come up. Whether you just happen to be stopping by to pick up a prescription or need to give us a call, we’re always happy to answer and provide the information you need.

Benefit #4: Supporting the Local Community

One final reason to choose a locally owned Bowling Green pharmacy is to help support your local community. By opting to spend your money with us, you are helping friends and neighbors keep the revenue right here in the neighborhood. In turn, we can help improve local schools and roads through our tax dollars.

Ready to learn more about how Ely Drugs can help you with all your medication needs? Contact us today!

Kherk Roldan

Kherk Roldan

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