The connection between Weight loss and DNP

Who does not desire to have a perfect body that is apt for their age? However, not many are gifted with such a perfect body. Most people especially, women are continuously making efforts to regain their lost figure by all means and are willing to try every other trick they come across that holds a promise to lose weight and look attractive quickly. In their bid to lose weight and sport a slim body they even resort to taking the industrial chemical DNP ignoring all health warnings knowing pretty well that it could be hazardous too. Weight Loss and DNP are related to each other, but for all the wrong reasons.

What is DNP?

DNP is nothing but (2,4- Dinitrophenol). This is an industrial chemical. I am used for a wide range of applications in the industry. It is also used as

  • As a photographic chemical
  • As a fertilizer
  • An important product in the manufacture of dyes and explosives.

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How is DNP associated with Weight loss?

The DNP pills were first used in the 1930’s to treat obese patients. But considering the fatal and adverse effect, it produced, it was banned in the year 1938.  Though DNP may seem to be an ideal pill to lose weight, it is highly toxic. Weight Loss and DNP though closely associated not the right way to deal with obesity, considering the fatal nature of the DNP.

How does DNP work?

The DNP is believed to cause weight loss by burning the preventing the production of fat. It blocks the storage of energy in the body cells. this is done by converting the energy into heat. When DNP is taken, you are likely to experience an increase in the temperature and also the metabolic rate. Experiments on animals clearly show the metabolism rate increased by at least 17% considering the fact that the food you eat remains the same. This is exactly responsible for the fatal nature of the drug too.

The increase in metabolism could sometimes be too high and could happen at a dangerously fast level that apart from burning the fat and ensuring that the energy is not stored in the cells, the chemical also triggers other potentially dangerous side effects such as dehydration, fever etc. the fact is that there is no antidote to treat the side effects such as the high body temperature triggered by the chemical.  Even a cold compress would be of no help. This is the reason why Weight loss and DNP are not considered favorably for slimming as well as bodybuilding despite the fact that it helps to lose weight without losing the muscle mass.

Has DNP been completely banned?

The use of DNP has been banned. But people interested in weight loss seem to be able to lay hands on this spurious drug that tastes and smells like sulfur. But it seems to be doing the rounds in the weight loss circles and the bodybuilding circles yet again. It is hard to find the websites that sell DNP weight loss pills as most of the time the user keeps it an as a guarded secret until the DNP pills start showing its fatal side effects. Till such a time the users are too enchanted with the weight loss that they are experiencing that they fail to realize how unhealthy they are actually becoming.

There is hardly any poison that kills more people other than the DNP. Never consider this for weight loss benefits for slimming or for bodybuilding reasons.