The Best Jungian Psychoanalysis NYC Can Offer

The fast pace of life in New York City can be difficult to handle. If it is too much, it is time to consider looking for the best Jungian psychoanalysis NYC has to offer. We provide the best in Jungian therapy, which analyzes personal and professional issues at a deep level. It works to find complexes to promote healing more creatively and completely. It also benefits by helping people to create and maintain more positive relationships.

When you first meet with a Jungian analyst, the aim is to create a positive working relationship with the therapist. You want to start on the path to healing in the right way, and without a good connection with the therapist, little healing will occur.

You will learn to accept inner truths that you unconscious self is already aware of through Jungian analysis. The dreams you have are critical because they often reveal disconnects between your consciousness and these self-truths. They indicate issues you deal with about the attitude of your conscious self.

You can’t always remember your dreams, but it is possible that you will begin to remember more of them in therapy. Sharing a dream you remember you had before you have your first meeting with the therapist is important for therapy and healing to begin properly.

Jungian therapy is helpful even if you’re a person who doesn’t dream often or who doesn’t remember what they dream. While dreams can promote good analysis, they aren’t necessary for healing to occur. Don’t stay away from Jungian therapy just because you feel you have a lack of dreams or that you don’t remember them very often, if at all.

You will meet with your therapist about once a week. However, you can have more frequent sessions if you and your therapist agree that it would be helpful. Sessions occur face-to-face in most circumstances, as this promotes a personalized and therapeutic environment. You and your therapist may find that another arrangement works better for you, however.

The Swiss psychiatrist C.G. Jung lived between 1875 and 1961. His deep understanding of the human psyche was phenomenal. He believed the psyche is based on a broader unconsciousness that is present in every human. Complexes happen when there are disconnections between how we experience the outer world and our expectations of our inner basic human consciousness. The Self controls the pattern of basic inner human consciousness and is critical.

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