The Benefits of Having Your Prescriptions Delivered

With each passing year, more and more pharmacies are offering delivery services. At first glance, you may think that pharmacy delivery services won’t have a significant impact.

After all, the prescription is the same whether you pick it up at the drugstore or have it delivered to your home. However, the truth is that pharmacy delivery services are very beneficial for patients.

Here is some information about the benefits of having your prescriptions delivered.

Easier Adherence

Adherence refers to taking all your medications properly and at the right time. Unfortunately, if you’re juggling multiple prescriptions, adherence can be difficult. Buying all your medications separately at a brick-and-mortar pharmacy makes adherence even more difficult.

Delivery services make adherence easier by delivering all the medications to your door. The medications will be presorted into one package and organized by time and day. You will also receive clear instructions for taking your medications properly and on time.

Greater Accuracy

Another advantage of pharmacy delivery service is the greater medication accuracy. Delivery services often take advantage of advanced computer technologies to make sure your prescriptions are filled properly.

Thanks to these technologies, delivery pharmacies can achieve higher accuracy than brick-and-mortar pharmacies. The error rate for pharmacy delivery services is less than 0.075 percent while the drugstore error rate is about 1.72 percent.

Greater Efficiency

The use of robotic dispensing tools and advanced computer technology boosts the efficiency of the medication management process. In comparison to brick-and-mortar pharmacies, delivery pharmacies improve efficiencies by:

  • Accommodating larger prescription quantities
  • Enhancing quality
  • Generating potential savings for payers and patients
  • Allowing pharmacists to focus on the clinical needs of patients
  • Reducing the costs of filling prescriptions

There are many advantages associated with prescription delivery services. For more information about the benefits of having your prescriptions delivered, don’t hesitate to contact William Bros Healthcare Pharmacy.