Scientists Find A New Way To Cure Herpes

Researchers with Synergy Pharmaceuticals discover a breakthrough in the battle against herpes.

Herpes simplex is a viral infection that affects the genitals, mouth and anal area. It is highly contagious and can cause painful blisters and other unpleasant symptoms. Herpes is quite common globally and many people don’t even know that they have the virus. It affects nearly 4 billion people under 50 years old.

Fortunately, for people with herpes, there is a new treatment that promises to cure herpes. This treatment is the first of its kind. You may have heard that there is no cure for herpes and until now, that was true. However, researchers from Synergy Pharmaceuticals in Australia discovered a treatment that completely eliminates herpes from the body.

Synergy’s clinical research trials assessed subjects who were infected with HSV-1 (oral herpes) and HSV-2 (genital herpes). Most participants had been infected for many years. The longitudinal study measured participants infection rates were measured at various points in time for the duration of the treatment. Subjects were treated with a combination of ingredients over a period of four to six months. Initially, scientists used each ingredient separately but did not produce a statistically significant result. Herpes cellular reproduction and activity declined only when the combination of ingredients was used.

After just six months of treatment, 80 percent of the participants’ tested negative for herpes via blood tests for the virus. The formula just didn’t suppress the virus — it completely eliminated it from the bloodstream. What’s more, is that none of the participants who tested negative had any herpes-related symptoms at the end of the study. There were no serious side effects reported.

The study’s authors noted a surprising finding that they did not expect.  In addition to curing participants of the herpes virus, the treatment also improved overall health and immune system functioning. They noted increased energy, mood, and physical health.  The authors conclude that this is due to the proprietary blend amino acid used in the study. It is a very powerful antigen that works to repair cells throughout the body. In addition to improving mood and vitality, it also benefits the skin.

The Science Behind The Combination Revealed

The herpes simplex virus is more evasive and complicated than other infections. The virus invades the nervous system and hides from the body’s immune system. So, developing an effective treatment has been a difficult task, which is why — until now — there has not been a treatment that works. As opposed to other antiviral medications, Synergy’s unique combination attacks the virus at different levels in order to completely eradicate it.