Santamedical Generation Oled Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

This product is a new intervention in the generation of science which makes the process of checking pulse rates and blood oxygen saturation level very convenient and less time-consuming. The operation of the device is also user-friendly which makes it useful for the people.

User-friendly: The compact size of the product is a total win which makes it portable and can be carried out as per need. The device usage is extremely easy as it has self-adjusting finger clamp and also has a simple one-button design which is handy for checking pulse rates and blood oxygen level. The batteries are easy to install and long lasting.The display is bright and large enough for anyone to read.

Health Benefits: The greatest merit of the product is that it sets us free from the hassle of visiting the doctor frequently for every little change. We can very conveniently get a quick and accurate reading. The device comes very handily for athletes and pilots. It is a live saver for mountaineering and trekkers,keeping a check on their pulse rates and blood oxygen saturation level while doing strenuous activities.

Attributes: The finger pulse oximeter has a 4-way display and 6 modes which rotate and shows the result from almost all angles. The finger chamber of the oximeter is made up of hypoallergenic medical grade silicone. It comes in a 3 colors variant to choose from and add a sense of belongingness to the product.

Features: The device has an auto power off system which turns off the device if not used within 5 minutes. The option saves us from eating extra batteries. The pulse oximeter also comes with some goodies like a lanyard with is appropriate for hanging it around the neck, a carry pouch and set of batteries.

It is the most honest device that tells us about the elevated heart rates and deficiency of oxygen in the body.It is a new discovery, unlike the heavy and complicated products which are going to make our life simpler.