What is Hand Therapy?

Hand therapy involves treating injuries and damages which are caused to the upper extremities of the body like shoulders, wrists, forearms, hands etc.

This Therapy uses number of mobility exercises for that damaged part to function properly.

There are several devices like The Ultimate Hand Therapy Device used for this purpose. Over the ages, this technique has evolved to heal the complex injuries of the upper extremities.

Hand Therapy: Know the benefits

Hand therapy helps patients to recover from the following conditions or damage caused to the hand, fingers or arm.

  • Injuries due to Crushing or any other kinds of Trauma

Hand Injuries can be caused due to various types of forces applied on it. The force can be a mild one or even an impactful one.

The type of injury will determine which kind of treatment can cure it. The deciding factor is to evaluate the type of injury, like crushing, twisting forces, tearing, or cutting.

So based on the type of injury hand therapy can be implemented to fix the problem.

  • Tears in tendons and/or ligaments and other sorts of tendon injuries

A person experiences a strain when the ligaments holding or connecting to bones gets stretched or it tears. This can cause immense pain. A strain can be caused when someone picks something heavy, like working out in the gym or playing certain sports.

On the other hand a sprain is caused when a person falls, twists, or is hit in a way that forces the body out of its normal position.

Both these problems can be cured it Hand Therapy is done.

Hand Therapy is also needed for the following conditions:

  • Disorders in the Peripheral Nervous System and other disorders relating to our Neurological system
  • Dislocations as also Fractures
  • Any kind of Infections
  • Injuries due to sports-related activities
  • Athletes who play contact sports, like hockey, boxing, football, etc, risks higher chances of getting a strain.
  • Athletes who are in non-contact sports like golf, cricket, rowing etc also risk the problem of strain. This is because similar movements for a long period of time can cause this strain.
  • Reattachments and Amputations
  • Hand and arm challenges as a result of stroke
  • Lymphedema

If the patient suffers from chronic problem that affects the functioning of the hand, then it can be cured with the help of Hand Therapy.

These chronic problems can be caused due to neurological disorders, diabetes, abnormalities since birth.

In a nutshell, this therapy can heal any problem related to the movement of our upper extremities.

Hand Therapy is thus, a special type of rehabilitation performed with patients that suffer from conditions affecting the hands and upper extremities. Patients can make a come-back to their productive lifestyle due to Therapy.

Henceforth, Hand Therapy Devices are needed very much in one’s life so that he or she can get over the above-mentioned problems. Reflexx Inc is an online website that provides all kinds of devices required for physiotherapy, among which, includes hand therapy devices. Patients suffering from these kinds of problems can easily purchase the necessary device(s) from the app, required for their treatments.