Preparing yourself for a rhinoplasty – Giving a new shape to your nose

There is no such surgery that doesn’t come with a long list of postoperative dos and don’ts and rhinoplasty is also not an exception. The surgeons who have had enough experience with performing rhinoplasty will always give you a list of dos and don’ts which you should follow religiously in order to regain normalcy. Depending on every patient’s situation, the list might vary and this isn’t meant to substitute for the instructions of the surgeon. If you have been thinking of getting a rhinoplasty done to your nose in order to give that dream shape, you should first take note of the dos and don’ts of this surgery.

Before you get to know all the Mclean plastic surgery options, here are few careful tips to successfully emerge from a nose job.

DO adjust your diet program

You have to boost the consumption of fibrous foods to enhance the process of digestion. It is only when you follow this diet program that your body can naturally fight against constipation which can occur due to medicines that you have to take for recovery. Stay away from alcohol as much as possible. Opt for Vitamin C and iron health supplements so that you accelerate the process of healing.

DO keep a stock of medicines

The doctor will fill up the prescriptions with all sorts of antibiotics, pain killers and sleeping medicines. Gather all kinds of supplies for reducing swelling and cold compress as both are necessary post rhinoplasty. Also stock up on foods which are easily prepared and avoid hard foods for few days.

DO apply for a leave of 10 days from your office

In case you’re someone who’s working, you should plan to take a leave from work for 1-2 weeks following the day you undergo the operation. Once the sutures and the cast have been removed, you can return to your office. For the first few days at work, opt for less strenuous tasks.

DON’T be anxious about the results

Before going under the knife you should have a realistic expectation about what you’re going to get as a result of the surgery. It is important for you to feel confident about the surgical procedure as this will let you do away with all doubts.

DON’T take some specific supplements and medicines

Avoid NSAIDs, aspirins, Vitamin E supplements or other sorts of herbal medications like ginseng for at least 2 weeks before opting for rhinoplasty. There are few herbs which reduce the impacts of anesthesia and hence you should totally avoid them.

DON’T smoke

Smoking will bring about changes to the blood flow and this could come in between the healing process post rhinoplasty. If you’re a smoker, stop it 2 weeks before surgery and continue that even for few weeks post surgery.

So, now that you know the dos and don’ts of rhinoplasty, make sure you factor in the points before you decide to go under the knife.