Popularity and Functioning of Intermittent Fasting Health Plan

Popularly known as a form of intermittent fasting, the 16:8-diet has been designed to help obese people. It would help them lose excessive weight along with lower their blood pressure. As a result, a majority of people have now been turning to intermittent fasting. It has become a quick and effective mode to lose weight.

There are different forms of this unique diet. It would be based on the time intervals of your feasting and fasting habits. Another common plan would be the 5:2-diet. It comprise of normal consumption of food for five days and then two days of fasting. However, during the fasting days, you would be required to restrict your calorie intake to 500 to 600 per day.

During the fasting days or 16:8-diet, you would be given the option to consume everything you like for eight hours and observe fast for the remaining sixteen hours.

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Several studies have evaluated the benefits offered by this unique 16:8 pattern. It would be largely beneficial for obese people. They would observe that the diet works perfectly fine with them. Moreover, they have been successful in lowering their blood pressure as well. If you need more info on how it would be a boon to obese people, read on.

Popularity of 16:8-diet

Intermittent fasting has become largely popular with the people looking forward to losing excessive weight in quick time. The unique diet plan has been beneficial in maintaining a healthy weight. Several researchers have been arguing about this kind of diet may slow down the aging process and disease.

Functioning of 16:8-diet plan

In intermittent fasting, the body would switch the source of energy. It would take on that source which would facilitate the accumulation of fat.

The body has been known to run on simple sugar or glucose. However, when we fast for significant length of time, the energy source would become unavailable. The system would be required to locate another fuel for running the body. It would be the time when body starts to convert specific kinds of body fat into fatty acids. The new source would already be absorbed by the blood.

The fatty acids would start to produce molecules known as ketones. It would be used by the body as new source of energy.