Must-Do Men’s Skin Care Routine to Start Now

When it comes to skincare regimen, most men have this one common thought: “What skincare regimen? That’s a woman thing!”

Yup, that’s the traditional notion. For them, a skincare regimen that includes exfoliating, moisturizing, and sunscreen, sounds like a chore. Most men want to do things as quickly as possible. Regular shower and other basic hygienic practices are enough for them.

It may sound practical for the low-maintenance guys out there, but truth is, men should start taking care of their skin no matter their age. Check this out to learn why it matters.

What should be included in a skincare regimen for men?

  1. Day and Night Face Wash

Nobody would object about cleansing your face in the morning—that’s basically part of the shower routine. Of course, all of us would like to look fresh and clean when we go out from our homes. But the question is, do we spend a few minutes for face wash before bedtime? Sometimes, we’re too tired from work and all we want when we get home is to sleep.

But, this has to change, especially, if you live in a huge city where your skin is exposed to different kinds of pollution. Wash off those sweat, oil, grime, and dirt build-up with a good face wash to keep your skin fresh and avoid having breakouts.

Here’s why you’re having acne and what you can do about it:

When choosing a good face wash, select one that’s right for your skin type so that it can provide your skin’s special needs.

  1. Exfoliation

Our skin does a natural exfoliation process, but as time goes, this natural process slows down with age. Therefore, we need to help our skin and do some exfoliation process to slough off dead skin cells. In turn, your skin reveals the healthy, fresh, and young skin.

So, it is important to exfoliate at least twice a week. That’s how often it should be done on average as recommended by experts. Too little or too much exfoliation can bring about negative effects on your skin.

  1. Sunscreen

Sun damage is one of the worst enemies of our skin. Both men and women need to use sunscreen regularly. Yup, even when you stay indoors most of the time or even if the weather isn’t sunny. A good sunscreen protects your skin from the harmful effects of sun damage such as wrinkles, acne, and age spots.

A sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher is the best choice. But SPF isn’t the only thing that matters. Make sure your sunscreen matches your skin type. The American Cancer Society shows tips on how to choose a good sunscreen.

  1. Moisturizer

A good moisturizer takes care of your skin by keeping it hydrated, repairing and regenerating skin cells, and helping in the production of collagen. As a result, your skin looks and feels fresh, young-looking, and blemish-free.

So, next time, don’t skip moisturizing. It’s an important part of a good skincare routine, especially if your skin tends to be dry.

  1. Eye Cream

The skin around the eyes is sensitive. It’s the part of the face where our age becomes more evident. Because of some factors including repetitive expressions such as squinting, wrinkles and fine lines tend to appear in this area. Dark eye circles and eye bags caused by lack of sleep, stress, and fatigue, are some of the pesky problems we want to get rid of, or at least decrease the appearance. These things make us look older and tired.

Why allow that to happen when you can take extra care with the skin around your eyes? You can minimize the appearance of these annoying problems by using an excellent eye cream. Eye creams are specially formulated to take care of the skin around the eyes by addressing the issues mentioned above. Tiage Hanley reviews give some insight on avoiding the usual skincare mistakes and choosing the right products for skincare such as eye creams. Keep your eyes looking alive, alert, and well-rested by choosing an eye cream that helps prevent wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles, and other skin blemishes around the eyes.

Skin health is part of our overall health. So, we must take extra effort to take care of it. Both men and women should have a good skin care routine from now on.