Make Your Treadmill More Interesting for You

When you are running on a treadmill, the first few days are interesting, but slowly it gets boring because of the same scenario around you every day. You then try to skip your treadmill sessions and so you exercise less, and you won’t stay healthy and fit for a long time.

But the time is changing. Technology is becoming more advanced every hour. It was last August when two dozen runners without setting their foot on the track completed the famed Falmouth Road Race. They were doing it remotely, running over their treadmills in various gyms from across the country. They used a virtual running app to check the course they progressed.

So, many things which looked impossible a couple of days ago are turning into reality. Treadmill workouts are made bearable with the help of modern technology.

How can Treadmill TV: VR Make Exercising on Treadmill Interesting?

Treadmill TV: VR is a great app to be used when you are on a treadmill. After you use the app, you will do more workout in the treadmill than usual. The reason is that because you have fifty amazing tracks and paths to choose from, and these tracks and paths are from all over the world. You choose a track, then go on your treadmill and start walking or running, and you will have a feeling that you are moving through the track. The scenario will go on changing exactly same as it would happen if you have moved on that track.

When people have a choice between treadmill and outdoors, many people prefer outdoors, and the main reason for preferring outdoors is the ever-changing scenario. This app has made it possible for people who use a treadmill also have the same feelings as outdoors. And the camera work of the app is amazingly perfect.

If you are using an Android, you can download the app by clicking the link If you are using iPhone and want a lighter version of the app, you can click on the link