Looking for Fetal Dopplers For Sale? Five Features To Check Out

For most women, the first time they hear their baby’s heartbeat is during the pre-natal check-up. The attending physician uses a fetal doppler in the early stages of pregnancy where sound waves produced by the device pick the baby’s heartbeat. Doctors often use dopplers during subsequent check-ups beginning from 8-10 weeks of pregnancy. With so many fetal dopplers for sale in the market, it becomes difficult to know what will best serve the purpose. Here are five features you can look out for when shopping for a doppler

Five features of a good quality fetal doppler


Although this may not be categorized as a feature, you will need to know the different types of fetal dopplers for sale.  It is highly recommended that you look for a doppler that is of medical grade. This type will give you medical readings that are more accurate ensuring that chances of being concerned over your baby’s health are minimized. Medical grade dopplers are very sophisticated and therefore, you will need some assistance from your physician when using them.


Fetal dopplers that operate on batteries are great for use anywhere and at any time. However, you need to remember that the batteries will need to be replaced every so often.  Dopplers that are electrically powered are also good though their use is limited. If you are often on the move, then you may want to consider the battery operated doppler.


 Similar to other high-quality gadgets, fetal dopplers come with warranties that are related to the quality. The higher the quality of a doppler, the longer the warranty extended by the manufacturer on the device. When reading through the product features, make sure you check out the warranty offered on the device; it will give you an idea on the quality level of the product.


 Although accessories do not perform the main work of a fetal doppler, they enhance the experience you get form one. Dopplers that offer best quality results are packaged with sound amplifier speakers. The enhanced sounds will give you a clear picture allowing you to make a more accurate assessment of your baby’s growth progress.


This is another important consideration when looking for quality fetal dopplers for sale.Remember that your physician will always listen for your baby’s heartbeat at every prenatal visit from 8-10 weeks. With that in mind, it will be prudent to purchase a doppler that will cost less than your total visits to the physician.

Purchasing a fetal doppler gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your baby is doing well. It also gives you the joy that comes from hearing the sounds of a new being in you. So when purchasing a doppler, have these five features in mind to enhance your mummy and baby journey of new life.