Liquid magnesium the best treatment for heart conditions

Many patients who suffer from blood pressure or heart disease have tried a lot of drugs and supplements but many of them do not get the desired results.This s because heart disease problems are caused by lack of magnesium in the body. Any drug or supplement you take should be rich in magnesium otherwise it will be of no use. The reason why liquid magnesium is very useful to the body is because it keeps the other minerals like sodium, potassium and calcium together.

Health benefits

Magnesium basically is a calcium blocker as it helps the constricted blood vessels dilate in case vascular spasms or atherosclerosis occurs. It reverses the plaque thus helping in excretion of the excess sodium bonds with potassium to regulate the blood pressure. Calcium and lead are heavy metals that raise the blood pressure, liquid magnesium is the one that blocks them from increasing your blood pressure.By reversing the process of hardened vessel calcification it lowers the blood pressure and the high cholesterol levels.

Blood viscosity and hypertension

When the viscosity of the blood rises it causes hypertension because of the excess fibrin and increase amount of blood acidic waste. Blood in general is thicker than water hence it is expected that it will flow slower than water. Some people have blood that is very viscose and this make the blood not to flow properly hence forming clots. This is when magnesium comes in as it releases the blood clots and combats fibrosis. Calcium as much as it is needed in the body excess of it is harmful to the blood vessels and that’s why magnesium is the one that removes it from the main blood stream.

We all know that hypertension is a chronic inflammatory disease that is caused by high blood pressure acidity and free radicals. It is an anti-inflammatory mineral which causes the liquid magnesium to stimulate the anti-inflammatory prostaglandin which is a very important vasodilator. The pro-inflammatory cytokines in the blood stream are often balked from release by magnesium hence reducing the risk of inflammation. Coronary heart disease increases the levels of C- proteins in the liver and this lowers the production of C- proteins causing an increase in the levels of proteins.

Stress is another huge factor that leads to high blood pressure. Liquid magnesium is the natural cure formental as well as emotional or hormonal based stress. This is why it is very essential for it to be taken as supplements when one is in stress or overwhelming state.