Importance of Health and Safety at Work


Health and safety is the most vital thing to be taken care of in any kind of business; be it small or big. All this protection and well being of an associate of a company is for their own good. Being assured that the risks are covered by the business you are working for enhances confidence.

Knowing that your health and safety is in good hands, employees strive to reduce reputation damage, fines, the risk of prosecution and also motivates them to produce high performance at work.

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Risks at work:

In any working space, there may be unplanned accidents or injuries to workers health, this is the norm of any business.

The risks vary depending on the business, they include; heavy loads that have to be handled manually, electric shocks, toxic substances emitted, and the displayed screen may interfere with your physical, mental, and emotional health.

This is so because you have to interact with one of them directly or indirectly.

Cost of safety failure:

There are fewer accidents and diseases gotten from working space, this is because a lot of preventions have been put in place. This safety system has been there over time and has saved several generations.

Safety is not by chance, accidents happen because prevention measures fail. There are a lot of precautions that have been put in place in the UK but still, there are more than 555,000 injuries annually from workplaces.

In addition, 1.4 million cases of health problems brought about because of work. In the year 2017/2018, about 30.1 million productive days were lost because of injuries and health problems gotten from work.

Small businesses are the ones having the most accidents. Accidents in small businesses in Uk outdo the number of accidents and injuries in a large business. It is estimated that SME manufactures accidents are twice those happening in larger ones.

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Underlying principles:

Employees health and safety is not only a social responsibility.

This is one area that makes the business meaningful and an employer should see it as one of the vital achievement of the business key objectives.

It is very important for an employer to ensure there are no risks on workers health and safety since the two go hand in hand with a positive performance at work.

How to ensure the health and safety of workers

As an employer, you have to put in place a working system that can manage your employees’ health and safety at work. You should have policies or trusted people and well, clear procedure put down that guides how your workers’ health and safety are to be conducted. If you have more than five employees it will be safer to put them down in writing in a health and safety policy statement.

As the employer, you have to make sure everything about prevention measures falls in place as it is one of the basics for a prosperous business. You must plan, organize control monitor and review the company prevention measures frequently to ensure that your business and employees are safe.

For all these to work smoothly and to achieve its objective you need help from a competent person in this area who will ensure you are keeping up with your legal obligations.

Identify hazards:

Identifying what are the likely dangers that your employees may be involved in, it is essential as this will be a guide on the enactment of the preventive measures.

This will enable you to know the state of your business and the cost of an accident if by chance it happens to your business or your employees.

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Assess Risk:

Assessing risk is equally important. Knowing the probability of an accident to occur will make you plan strategically. You have to know that accidents are there and may affect all your employees together with the business, therefore a larger estimate of preventive measures should be put up to make sure in case of such an accident all can be taken care of.

Indeed prevention measures to accident and damage of employees and the business itself is an integral thing in any workplace.