How to Grow Massive Lashes Naturally?

Have you ever concentrated on a female face from Egypt? Don’t forget to try the next time you come across an Egyptian lady and I bet you, her striking eyelashes will never you forget the spectacle! And the good news is that you can also enchain the onlookers through your eyelashes but you’ll have first known and practice the art of growing massive lashes naturally.

Stay Healthy!

Well, this is the most common advice from our friends and family but don’t take it for granted. The thing is, eyes are the first to suggest the health conditions for the fact that eyes are generally the first to suffer from various health issues. For thicker and prominent eyelashes, you need ensure the intake of healthy nutrition.


Anything which is good for your skin tissues is also beneficial for your eyelashes. If anything is damaging for the skin, it’ll surely have an impact on the eyelid eventually resulting in weakening, thinning and shedding of the eyelashes.

If your eyelashes are already thin and inconsistent, you may consider oral supplements prominently featuring vitamin A and vitamin C. Biotin is a one of the best options in this regard but don’t ignore the importance of a healthy diet.

FDA Approved Generic Latisse may well be an excellent choice if your eyelashes shed frequently. But the doctor’s consent is mandatory for a couple of reasons; i. buying Latisse requires prescription ii. It may trigger side effects

Grandmother’s Tips

The telltale tips also work in some cases but I can’t guarantee because the results depend on multiple factors and the user’s physical attributes. A safe approach will be to opt for

  • Coconut and Castro oil mixture (applied through the night regularly for a couple of months)
  • Shea Butter (applied through the night for a couple of months)

Before You Leave!

Never underestimate your diet, include salad in your routine diet (lunch and dinner) and try to consume more green vegs, carrot, and cucumber to support your eyelashes naturally and consistently.