How To Feel Good About Your Body

When we do not have a positive body image of ourselves, we tend to wake up every morning with some sluggish feelings. Owning a dissatisfactory body is a sulky feeling altogether. Although this feeling may not remain forever but it certainly is a transitory feeling that comes and goes regularly. If you go by the social media reports then you may end up believing in a predefined notion. However, we need to change the way we think about our body and the way we look.  

Let us see how we can change our outlook a positive body image of our own body:

  • Change the way you form views:

In order to understand the way we feel about our body, we need to change the outset of our thinking process. You need to consider yourself more respectfully instead of blaming yourself to be the reason to be the one with an imperfect shape or size.

Wait, do you idolize your body the way someone else comments or previews your body? Do you start getting a negative feeling when someone says that you are too thin or too fat? Learn to ignore what makes you feel bad about your own body. It will help you in increasing your contentment and improving your own body image. Do not be too harsh at the criticism of your own self. Start embracing positive changes in your life and the optimistic outlook about your shape and size. For example- if you feel that you are fat then make sure that fat is doesn’t let you be unhealthy. At times fat people are strong too which is exactly not the scene of a bad health.

Similarly, you will always find some reasons to be thankful for! Therefore, stop judging yourself in a harsh manner rather embrace your body and the blessings associated with it.

  • Good days, bad days, pretty days and ugly days:

Yes, they exist. Just like there are the good days and the bad days, there are pretty days and the ugly days too. There are times we feel super thrilled about ourselves, our life and everything that’s in it. Similarly, there are those other days when we feel low and absolutely torn down to our spirits. This is when we need to tell ourselves that embracing our current state of the body is the biggest challenge and the simplest yet most precious gift of understanding that we can give to ourselves.

In order to avoid any such negative thoughts, it is better to examine the cause of their generation. Unhealthy thoughts can come to our mind from anywhere- reading newspaper, idolizing the celebrities, listening to negative speeches and comments etc. You can find what is that lets you down and doesn’t let you form a positive body image of your own self!

The second step is to challenge those unhealthy and negative thoughts of yours and put them in the right place i.e. junkyard! Think positive, create harmony with your emotions and be conscious of what goes in your mind by letting on right kind of content to go through your mind.

There is a lot of thinking that is involved in bringing about a positive body image of your own self. Just do it before it makes a permanent stay in your mind and hampers your personal growth.