Can My Gynaecologist Perform a Labiaplasty?

Every labium is different but not every woman feels comfortable about how they look. Fortunately, advances in cosmetic surgery have made it possible to reshape the vagina and the labia, helping women regain their confidence.

Vaginoplasty vs. Labiaplasty

If you’ve been looking into intimate procedures such as a labiaplasty, you’ve probably come across the term ‘vaginoplasty’ too.

While they may sound similar, these procedures aren’t the same and focus on different areas of the genitals. While a vaginoplasty focuses on tightening the vaginal walls and the pelvic floor, a labiaplasty removes and reshapes the excess skin of the labia.

Some women undergo a labiaplasty because they’re unhappy with how it looks while others want to remove the excess skin that’s causing them discomfort during intercourse or when they’re exercising or playing a sport.

Both procedures will require a general anaesthetic and stitches to complete and should only ever be performed by a qualified doctor – the type of doctor that performs your procedure also matters.

You can find out more about what to expect during this procedure here:

Gynaecologist or Plastic Surgeon: Who Should Perform a Labiaplasty?

If you’re considering a labiaplasty, you’re probably wondering who should be performing this type of procedure and how it would be performed by different doctors.

At the end of the day, a plastic surgeon is a better choice for this type of procedure. While a gynaecologist does understanding the anatomy of the labia and vagina, they are more focused on diagnosing and treating female reproductive issues on a day-to-day basis.

With that being said, there are gynaecologists who do perform cosmetic surgery and are able to remove the excess skin on the labia. However, a plastic surgeon who solely focuses on these types of intimate procedures will know how to create labia that are aesthetically pleasing by focusing on the contours and shape. A plastic surgeon will also know how to make the labia more symmetrical and to minimise scarring after the procedure.

Keep in mind that a plastic surgeon needs to undergo several years of surgical training long after they finish medical school, with at least 3 of those years being dedicated to a plastic surgery residency that ensures they learn directly from the experts.

Gynaecologists receive far less cosmetic surgery training and don’t generally have as much real-life experience as a plastic surgeon. Gynaecologists who do offer cosmetic surgery will usually only have studied cosmetic surgery for one year as opposed to a plastic surgeon who will have several years of training.

While it is your decision, choosing a plastic surgeon to perform your labiaplasty is always a better decision because of their very specific and extensive training and the fact that they’re focused on both functional and aesthetic results.

Always ask about your plastic surgeon’s experience and qualifications during your consultation to ensure that they’re the right doctor for this procedure. You may also want to ask to see some before and after photos of past patients to make sure that they can procedure the results you’re hoping for.