How to Exercise Safely As You Age

Exercising is a core activity for each of us throughout our lives. No matter what age we are, we need to find time 2 exercise regularly. Doctors have recently set guidelines for 2 and 1/2 hours per week of exercise as being the ideal amount for the average person. You can choose from any number of exercises, but each should have components that give you aerobic activity, strengthening, and flexibility. All three are required in order to have you received the greatest benefit from your exercise regimen.

Many people when they’re young have consistent exercise routines. In fact many young people run around so often that simply going through the days provides required amount of exercise. As you age however and get into a routine of sitting long hours every day, driving to and from work, relaxing at home after work watching television or movie, we begin to become more sedentary and exercise becomes another activity that is similar to work. It is at this point that many people exercise less comma with negative results.

Currently there is an epidemic of obesity that is sweeping western countries. Along with being overweight, people are also experiencing higher incidences of diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. These symptoms are appearing disproportionately in the Elder parts of society. Older people simply find it too difficult or inconvenient to exercise regularly. In addition to that exercising as you age needs to be an activity that is closely monitored because injuries from exercising a common with the elderly. In fact if you visit the average physiotherapist, you will likely see this person going through a series of physiotherapy exercises with an elderly person, trying to get that person back to good health.

Elderly people must use common sense precautions when the exercise in order to avoid injury. Here are some of the things that elderly people should do to make exercise safe for them.

Avoid Contact Sports

Some people love playing sports that involve contact. There’s something about running into, stepping on, pushing, and throwing other bodies that gets their blood pumping. Although these types of activities are dangerous for people of any age, for the elderly making spell disaster. No matter how fit you may feel, if you are elderly you need to steer away from any sports that have heavy contact.

Rest When Your Body tells You To Rest

When some elderly people get injured and the physio asks how it occurred, the elderly person will often say that they didn’t realize that they were elderly and there was simply doing an exercise the way they have done it for decades. The reality is that your body will often tell you that you are elderly, even when your mind doesn’t. The key is to listen to your body. Elderly people should only exercise to the level that their body is capable of. This means no heavyweights, no attempts at setting new records, building in rest periods during your exercising, and spacing out exercise periods. The result will be that the elderly person will have fewer injuries, even though he or she might not be happy with this new exercise routine.

Exercise should be fun and rewarding for everyone at any age, but it should also be safe. If you or someone you know is elderly and loves to exercise, utilize sensible guidelines to maintain your good health.