Great Choices for the Weight Loss Process

The advice is to exercise moderately or heavily at least 2.5 hours a week a week, spread over several days. Think of moderate intensive exercise, such as cycling, brisk walking, swimming and gardening. Heavy intensive movement is understood to mean, for example, cycling or running. Moving more and moving more intensively is even better. Part of the advice is to do activities at least twice a week that strengthen your bones and muscles, such as climbing stairs, walking and strength training. Most sports are also included here.

Certain exercises can provide a better balance, such as standing on one leg, tai chi or yoga. Ask a sports or fitness instructor for advice or watch this exercise video. In case of the over 60 weight loss this is one essential matter for you.

Finally, the following applies to everyone: avoid sitting too much. Are you not so mobile because, for example, you are sick, in pain or have had surgery? Either way, try not to sit still too much. A short walk through your house, up and down the stairs, or a tour of the neighborhood already helps.

On the scales

Occasionally on the scale will help you keep an eye on your energy balance. If you gain weight over time, you know you should eat less.

If you lose weight when you don’t want to, or if you are underweight, take a look at our advice for underweight.

Handles for a first step

Do you want to eat healthier? You don’t have to do everything perfectly in one go. Choose a first step that suits you, for example, less snacking. Can you easily keep that up? Then choose a new step. In addition to the practical tips, we have a few useful tools on our site. What do you want to do?

With the BMI meter you calculate whether you are overweight. You will immediately receive customized advice.

Question and answer

Always start to exercise or exercise slowly. Are you getting dizzy or stuffy? Then take it a bit easier. If you get complaints again and again, contact your doctor and find an activity that suits you well.

According to the Exercise Guidelines that were drawn up in 2017, you should do at least 160 minutes a week of moderate or heavy intensive exercise. There are also advice for children. Read how to comply with the exercise guidelines. With these 7 tips, moving almost automatically:

 Choose an activity you like

Nowadays you can practice all kinds of different sports. For people who don’t like sports, other activities can provide enough exercise. 


You don’t always have to do the same. Go cycling one day, swimming the next, and then walking or dancing again.

Work it into your routine

However, there are advantages if you do the same every day. If you always take the stairs, get off a stop earlier or go to the supermarket by bike, you don’t have to think about this anymore. You don’t have to make that decision over and over again and you move without thinking about it.