EMS Fitness Training is the Next Fitness Wave

A French researcher first used electrical muscle stimulation in 1902 to help patients with atrophy and paralysis. Two Russian researchers showed that muscular stimulation can lead to an increase of between 30 to 40 percent in the strength of the muscles with little physiological or mental effort in a short period of time 70 years later. Electrical muscle stimulation has improved even more since this time, and now you can open your own EMS fitness training franchise to help people reach their fitness goals.

EMS causes muscles to contract through outside stimulation via electrical impulses. Although the stimuli come from the outside, the muscle acts the same as if the impulse came from the brain. The muscle contracts and becomes stronger. EMS doesn’t harm joints, and it can stimulate deeper muscle contractions than a tradition workout alone can, so it has great potential to help a wide variety of people get in shape.

When a client wears the EMS body suit, all of the muscles are worked out at the same time. With the suit on, they can get more work done in less time. Electrodes are located throughout the suit to target large muscle groups. This helps to improve endurance, and to build tone and strength. In just one or two training sessions of about 20 minutes per week, they can get the same benefits as if they did three 90-minute sessions of a traditional weight workout in a week.

An EMS training franchise helps you bring this technology to people in your area. Clients will be able to work out muscles that regular workouts don’t reach. They can improve back problems as they improve posture and experience less workout strain. With the electrodes in the suit along the spine, those muscles are worked out when they usually don’t receive any kind of stimulation during exercise.

Your clients may also relieve joint pain because the suit and workout don’t put any extra pressure on their joints, which can be damaged in a traditional weight workout. You can program the suit to work certain muscle groups or the entire body. The suit removes the occurrence of unbalanced workouts by working large muscle groups simultaneously when it is set in that mode.

When you want to start an EMS fitness training franchise, get in touch. We offer support to help you get started with a thriving business and to help you grow it. We partner with you every step of the way and provide training to help you become a successful business owner.