Diseases caused because of MTHFR gene mutation

There and number of health conditions researchers have found that MTHFR is linked to.  Here are given are the name of some health conditions: chronic fatigue, chemical sensitivity, depression, Down syndrome, Glaucoma, gastric cancer, heart disease, heart murmurs, blood clots, breast cancer, bipolar, bladder cancer, atherosclerosis, stroke, vascular dementia, rectal cancer, prostate cancer, pulmonary embolism, hypertension, infertility, mental illness, migraine , miscarriage,  multiple sclerosis neurologic disease, Parkinson’s etc. There are many other names of biological conditions which are linked to MTHFR condition.

 The need of a test for MTHFR

According to the service and test, it has been calculated that 80% of the population face mutation in at least one of the present two important alleles of MTHFR home test gene.  These two important alleles of MTHFR genes are C677T, and the other one is A1298C. 

MTHFR treatment is important to handle normal with various health conditions. So it is better if a person gets diagnosed or gets proper treatment for such gene mutation because MTHFR allele which is C677T can also lead to higher homocysteine level and this can lead to difficult clinical identification because there are other factors which also lead in influencing higher levels of homocysteine. If the mthfr mutation is encountered in this allele, then there are chances to have a greater impact on the health condition of the human as compared to the gene mutation in other alleles. 

Another important allele of MTHFR is A1298C. This allele not clinically found to put much impact on present homocysteine levels. In fact, this allele has found to put a great impact on the production of BH4. The BH4 is the tetrahydrobiopterin. This works in the production of neurotransmitters which are the serotonin, dopamine, epinephrine, melatonin etc. When a person faces the deficiency of BH4, then it affects the emotional wellbeing and not only this but the cardiovascular and neurological systems of human body.