Common Bite Problems And Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Them


Having aligned upper and lower jaws is the ideal look for people. However, there are those that have orthodontic issues. It comes from the improper position of the jaws which can create complications with a person’s teeth, speech, and capability to eat. The following are examples of common bite problems and why you should always seek medical attention from a reputable orthodontist.


An overbite is a condition where the upper teeth go beyond the lower teeth. The issue can become problematic because the bottom teeth can wear the incisors. Also, Reston orthodontists indicate potential pain as the bottom teeth can hit a person’s roof in the mouth.

Open Bite

An open bite refers to a person exhibiting upper and lower jaws not meeting. The lack of overlap between the two areas creates difficulty in chewing food. It is important for an orthodontist to diagnose the issue early before and identify corrective steps.


An underbite is a condition wherein the patient’s lower front teeth go beyond the upper front teeth. The issue shows improper alignment and can create discomfort. Also, the physical features create an unappealing look to the individual.


A crossbite is another type of malocclusion where the upper jaw rests inside the teeth of the lower jaw. People who exhibit the condition often develop misaligned jaw growth as well as stratified teeth. Reston orthodontists also indicate how people with crossbite close their mouth by moving their lower jaw to either one side or farther forward.


Spacing refers to problems of excessive room in-between tooth. The cause is either missing teeth or a person’s aesthetic. Orthodontists who diagnose and treat spacing often suggest the need to wear braces. Braces help correct the gap in the jaw room.


Crowding is the opposite of spacing and describes a patient has limited space for a tooth to grow. People who have crowding teeth should seek medical attention to determine the need for braces. Also, the orthodontist should check for evidence of dental decay as teeth surfaces become difficult to clean and manage.

Protrusion of the top front teeth

This particular type of malocclusion shows how the top teeth reach out too far or the bottom teeth do not extend far enough. People who have this condition cannot use their teeth effectively due to the physical limitations. Also, the overall appearance can also affect a patient’s self-esteem.

Midlines that do not match

Finally, there is the issue where dental midlines do not match. It is a problem because a person’s top and bottom teeth should line up. Individuals who have the condition often have difficulty using their jaws effectively. People who consult an orthodontist seek treatment to satisfy aesthetic needs.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the points above are some of the common examples of bite problems. Each one carries specific difficulty and complications to jaw functions. Ignoring the issue can lead to further complications. That is why it is important to become familiar with these issues early and consult with experienced orthodontists. Detecting the problem early can help provide corrective measures and restore normal dental functions.
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