Can CBD Cure Hemorrhoids?

If you’re talking about pain in the butt, then hemorrhoids can be one. It can be for an entire lifetime if you don’t treat it the right way. Although, it is a common condition, no one really talks about it. Only the person who is suffering from the condition truly knows the real deal behind it. Hemorrhoids happen when the veins of the anus and rectum get swollen. This may be due to bowel movements that hurt often, irritation, stool leakage, moderate pain or swelling around the anus.
The question arises what irritates hemorrhoids? Certain ingredients in the meals we take can cause irritation. Here are some foods that trigger your hemorrhoids and a potential new treatment using nanoparticle cbd to effectively treat the condition.

1. Processed Food 

Any food that is processed, whether it is vegetables, fruit, meat or something else, can be dangerous if you have hemorrhoids. Everybody knows that there are no nutrients stored in processed food. You can find a majority of unhealthy fats and unnecessary salt in them. These foods cause inflammation in the blood vessels, which can make the hemorrhoid pain worse.

2. Spicy Food 

What irritates hemorrhoids? One of the major causes of irritation is consuming too much spicy food. You might put yourself in a worse condition by eating spicy dishes if you have swollen hemorrhoids.

3. Alcohol 

You may not accept this truth, but alcohol causes dehydration which can overburden the bowel movements. Pressure on your anus and rectum can trigger the hemorrhoid pain.

4. Constipating Pills

The causes behind irritation of hemorrhoid can be infinite. Constipation has normally been a hard subject to deal with. It can make things worse if a person has got hemorrhoids. Taking medications that influence constipation in your body makes your condition even worse. Antidepressants, painkillers, blood pressure medicines, anticonvulsants, cholesterol medicine, laxatives, heart pills, and tranquilizers are the common pills that are behind the cause. You need to stop taking them if you want to avoid pain.

5. NaCl Sodium Chloride (Salt)

Consuming salt can be painful for your hemorrhoids too. It makes the bowel movement a bit harder. The more it is consumed by the body, the slower the digestive system becomes. Salt built up in your blood can cause bloating which ultimately makes the hemorrhoids worse.

Do not consume any of these foods as it will only make your hemorrhoids severe. Avoid them until your condition becomes better.

On the flip side wouldn’t it be great to find a natural remedy to alleviate the painfully annoying symptoms associated with hemorrhoids?

Enter a product called SeaCream CBD topical salve from Vitality Health CBD that has shown huge promise in the treatment of Hemorrhoids. SeaCream combines Industrial Hemp derived CBD with life spawning nano-minerals mined from the Pacific Ocean to create the world’s first lineup of OceanEnhanced™ full plant profile, premium quality CBD natural health products. It is the unique synergy of the cannabidiol and the ionized nano particle minerals that create some incredible magic by opening ionic pathways along with calcium and magnesium channels allowing for dramatic BioEnhancement of the cannabidiol to CB1 and CB2 receptors in the human body.