Can AI be Used for Virus Detection?

AI is short for Artificial Intelligence and it is a technology that is the state of the art technology of the 2020s. It can be used for so many things and create a better environment for everyone.

As the year 2020 started, the world faced the coronavirus that already took hundreds of thousands of lives. Millions of people are infected and struggle with the disease. It seems like it’s getting harder and harder to stop it although many countries managed to overcome the worst of it.

In some parts of the world, like the States, the virus is raging. More than two million people are infected and with the recent protests around the country in support of Gorge Floyd, this number will go through the roof without a doubt.

What must be done?

Since people can’t maintain social distance, every state official must do something else. The answer is the artificial intelligent computers who will take control under their control.

People are too emotional, and can’t handle the crisis as it should be handled, but computers are completely ignorant of the term emotional. This is rather unpleasing when we’re talking about AI, but for now, we can sleep calm knowing that computers cannot still feel emotions.

With it in mind, all we have to do is get the use of this technology. We need to install artificial intelligent software all around the country and gain control.

Does it mean AI can be used against the virus?

The short answer to this question would be – Yes. Yes, it can. And not just that it can, but it seems like there’s no other way of handling the situation differently.

As we can see, people are not stopping from raging the streets without masks and they keep interacting with each other. Even police officers can often be seen on videos without masks, so it’s just a matter of time when the situation will get out of control, and hospitals are overwhelmed with patients.

How can AI help?

To answer this question, we first must explain what Artificial intelligence is and how does the whole system works. AI is a computer which is a mix of software and hardware made to be capable of learning from its surroundings.

The AI computer is often connected with cameras, microphones, and other items that make it easier for them to learn about the surroundings and act accordingly. The AI can be programmed and made do tasks for us. See more about AI here:

In our case, we’ll program the software to use the temperature measuring sensor and focus on every person individually. They will be scanned and those who have a higher temperature than normal will be locked as dangerous from the system. At the same time, a person responsible for order in the area will be notified to take this person out safely and send them to the hospital.

Why is this important?

The main problem with the Covid-19 virus is that healthcare employees can’t find a vaccine or a cure for it. An even greater problem is that they might never find one. Whatever the outcome in the future is, we need to get a hold of the situation now and make it possible for us to live a normal life without restrictions as more as possible.

That’s why eliminating from social interactions of those who are virus carriers’ needs to be done. This is the only way to handle the problem. We need to find those who are spreading the virus and isolate them from the rest of society.

If we manage to do this, we can be sure that the turmoil that was created will be stopped soon enough before it explodes to a point when there’s no return. If the States enter an Italian scenario, where people were unable to be admitted in the hospitals and simply started dying in the hallways, we’ll see millions of deaths in the States.

This won’t be just a problem for the lives of these people, but it will be an abyss for the American economy. As we all know, the American economy is the most robust in the world and its disaster will mean a fall of the world economy too. We’ve all seen what happened to the world after the housing loans’ disaster in 2008.

Can AI be used for other diseases too?

Of course. Every disease that has symptoms can be detected. If these symptoms can be uncovered through a camera and a sensor, then this will be the easiest way, but some illnesses can’t be traced this way. For them, some other methods will have to be used.

Luckily for us, the technology moves forward daily and we can be sure that it’s not going to stop. New ways and new methods are arising. It’s our job just to implement them in our daily life.


A lot of companies are now in the field of AI. Some of them have already transferred to implementing the technology for health needs. For example, the Athena Company offers AI software for everyone, which means that every individual can purchase one and place it on their front condominium door and be sure that everyone walking in is safe.

The state governments and the institutions paid by taxes must do something like this. They must protect the people, so the sooner they understand this, the better it will be for everyone.

Kherk Roldan

Kherk Roldan

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