Best Foods To Keep Your Teeth Strong And Healthy

The good diet keeps your each part active and fit. The right food helps you recover from all the diseases or problems your body faces whether it is related with the body weight, or the skin, the hair or even your teeth. The good diet keeps your teeth healthy as well, only you have to choose the best one by seeking help of Dentistry Snoqualmie WA and nutritionist as well because they may tell about it better. The good medical center or a health care would easily guide you with your diet plan. Here we can see the special food items and their benefits for the teeth.

  • Yogurt

Yogurt is enriched with the protein and it contains those healthy and essential bacteria which are very helpful in making your teeth strong and healthy. The plain yogurt with no sugar is more beneficial for your teeth so try to add yogurt in your diet to see the best results in present and future.

  • Apples

This fruit helps kill the bacteria in your mouth because when you eat apple, a specific kind of saliva produced helps you get rid of those harmful germs. The fiber and water is also present in an apple while the natural sugar in it is never harmful.

  • Almonds

The calcium and proteins present in almond or not only beneficial for your bones but teeth as well. It keeps the teeth strong and shiny, also protects the enamel and makes the gums firmed and strengthened.

  • Milk

The milk also contains the calcium, protein and all those vitamins which are essential to keep the teeth strong.

  • Strawberries

Surprisingly, strawberries are a great food for the teeth too because they contain polyphenols which does not let plaque stick to the teeth. Also, the strawberries contain malic acid and Vitamin C which is a good thing again for your teeth.

  • Food enriched in Vitamin D

All the food items which contain vitamin D are best for the health of your teeth such as egg, fish and cod liver oil.

There are a number of other nutrients and food items too which are very helpful in keeping your teeth strong and away from cavities. You may visit the best dentist too for your complete check-up, treatment or for dental health tips as well, just visit this website.