Benefits of medical cannabis

Medical cannabis has been found to have several medical benefits. Marijuana has two main active ingredients namely cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The CBD impacts the brain without causing high feeling while the THC relieves the pain but also creates the feeling of being high. There are also over 400 chemical compounds with different effects on the body’s physiology. Consequently, you can ask for medical cannabis delivery and enjoy the following benefits.

Dealing with Muscle Spasms

Several types of muscle spasms respond well to marijuana. They include multiple sclerosis and diaphragm spasms that are tough to treat using conventional medicine.

Improve Lung Capacity

 Studies have shown that medical marijuana does not cause harm to the lungs. One study showed that in fact, medical marijuana tends to improve the lung capacity instead of damaging it. Medics relate the increased lung capacity with the deep breaths that users take while using marijuana.

It can help lower the Number of Epileptic Seizures 

People with treatment-resistant epilepsy can get relief from the CBD compound in cannabis with just a few intakes over a short period. Epilepsy is caused by an ‘excitement’ of the electrical charges in the nerve system found in the brain. CBD works by limiting the number of these electrical impulses.

Low doses of Marijuana can Lower Anxiety

It is a known fact that many people smoke marijuana to help ease anxiety. However, it is recommended that you take it in moderation as high doses may cause anxiety. Scientists have found that low doses reduce stress and help one relax from depressing situations.

Help with Inflammatory Bowel Disease

The THC and CBD compounds interact with cells that enable gut and also the immune cells function well. The body makes THC like cells that increase permeability in the intestines and cause the bacteria to get into the system. However, on taking marijuana, the cells of the intestines tend to bond more tightly and prevent harmful bacteria from getting in.

Relieves Discomfort caused by Arthritis

 Arthritis patients have reported improvement in a week after the medical cannabis delivery. The compounds in the extract help in reducing inflammation, alleviating pain in the joints and promoting better sleep at night.

Weight Management

Marijuana smokers tend to be skinnier than average people. The compounds in the cannabis promote healthier metabolism where the body breaks down more sugars and stores less. Besides, marijuana helps increase the insulin production when one has eaten lots of carbohydrates.

There are many more benefits associated with medical marijuana. However, ensure that you take one that is derived wholly from the plants using methods that do not damage the active ingredients.