Antibiotics: A critical need in the 21st century

In 21st century, co-existing with health-threatening conditions such as extreme stress , concentrated pollution levels and a rapid paced lifestyle; diagnosis of health conditions such as depression, allergies, body aches, sexual dysfunction, cholesterol imbalance, skin diseases, stomach trouble and sleep deprivation  have become a common norm in the lives of significantlylarge number of individuals.

To neuter these health concerns effectively and immediately, antibiotics are the best device available. However, paying a visit to your doctor or physician every time you fall ill could charge a tremendous amount of time cost to your daily schedule. Hence, as the trend of the 21st century goes, like everything else, antibiotics are available over the internet as well. Intriguingly the best part about these online antibiotics being, they are available without the need for prescriptions. Needless to emphasize, that antibiotics without prescriptions are a catch!

The core functioning of antibiotics

Now, let’s look at the process in the simplest fashion possible. Antibiotics cure only diseases caused by bacteria. For the purpose, antibiotics are a double-edged sword where with one side they filter out the bacteria cells from the human cells whilst with the other, iteffectively terminates their survival.

Now that we have answered what antibiotics do, the next obvious question that crops up is, how? Antibiotics simply target the ways and functions, which make a bacteria cell to differ froma human cell, and then disable those ways and functions; making the bacteria cell to seize to exist.Now depending on the type of the bacteria cell, different antibiotics render different measures. For, e.g. if the unique feature of the concerned bacteria cell is to build up a cell wall (unlike human cells,) the antibiotic will prevent the cell from building up a cell wall. Similar applies for bacteria with other salient features like protein building ribosome(where antibiotics specifically block the bacterial ribosome from functioning) or DNA copying (where antibiotics break the DNA copying and prohibit any further repairing.)

Do antibiotics pose a threat?

Antibiotics are often frowned upon from usage and furthercharacterized with the rendition of adversely potent side effects.Now, although this fear is not entirely misplaced if the implementation of antibiotics are carefully supervised then the much feared side effects can be largely evaded.

Antibiotics, as per their core function, essentially kill bacteria cells in our body. Unfortunately, apart from the infection causing bacteria, our body also comprises many friendly bacteria. These friendly bacteria, when harmed, cause a various range of side-effects in our body. Hence to keep these side-effects at bay we must ensure certain points, notably:

  • Never use antibiotics for an extensive period of time. Neither use them too frequently, but only when absolutely necessary.
  • Do not use multiple antibiotics simultaneously, but only the specific ones your condition requires
  • Antibiotics cure only bacterial infections and not the viral ones. Hence, better stay off of antibiotics incase of flu and common colds.

How quickly do antibiotics work?

Antibiotics typically start taking effect as soon as you intake them, although, the dramatic action starts to show only within 24-48 hours. Note, that each variety of antibiotic comes with a specific requirement for the length of treatment and it is largely recommended that one follows this specific required length ( irrespective of the well-being one feels,) in order to effectively treat the bacterial infection. Presently, you get a faster action, as you don’t need to wait in a cue at your physician or your chemist; simply order your antibiotic online and get your cure delivered at your doorstep.