Advantages of a Mobility Scooter


Owning a folding mobility scooter can introduce the user to a new lease on life, as well as the numerous advantages that are associated with owning a fold and go mobility scooter. As well as the obvious physical benefits that come with ownership of a mobility scooter, there are also the lesser known mental benefits which give you peace of mind that you are in safe hands.


A mobility scooter enables you to do more of what you want, when you want to do it. No more waiting around for people to come and assist you with simple tasks and errands; a mobility scooter allows you to take matters into your own hands. This way you can get out and about as you normally would but without the need to rely so much on others. 


Unlike most wheelchairs, mobility scooters often come with chairs that can swivel – allowing for easy access on and off. These seats are also adjustable in height; and the scooters themselves can also sometimes be dismantled which not only saves space but also ensures easy transportation. 


Certain types of mobility scooters can reach between four and eight miles per hour, which means that you’ll be able to keep up with friends and family on those all-important days out without tiring easily – keeping you sociable and happy. Having the confidence and energy to keep up with others is an important factor for your health and well-being; otherwise it could lead to a situation of social isolation which is unfortunately becoming quite common amongst the elderly in the UK. 

Ease of Use

Mobility scooters are unbelievably simple to operate and manoeuvre, wherever you want to use them. They also have batteries which are rechargeable between uses, but it is important that you read and understand the manufacturer’s guidelines to find out the appropriate time to charge them for – overcharging the battery can cause it to decrease its power output over time, and you definitely don’t want to get stranded out in the cold. 

Public Spaces

In recent years mobility scooters have been developed in accordance with the ever-changing ways in which people are choosing to socialise. The variety of sizes and dimensions in which mobility scooters are designed and created enables users to comfortably fit in with the people around them, without using up too much space. Folding mobility scooters are effective products, which are small in size but offer users the same sense of freedom that they would experience with a road legal scooter. 

Public Transport Friendly

One of the biggest advantages of a mobility scooter, is the fact that you can take them on nearly all types of public transport. Although transport options such as trains, buses and planes have certain criteria that a scooter must meet, it isn’t impossible to get out and about on your scooter. 


With all the developments and design changes, a mobility scooter can to some extent be customised to match your personality. Colour customisations and unique adaptable features can give you that personal touch. Design has changed so much over the years and now offers; more ergonomic steering and handlebars, comfortable driving positions, safety features like speed reduction when turning corners, lights and horn reflective seating.