8 Reasons why you should visit an OBGYN clinic periodically

If you are an adult woman, you probably know how intimidating it can be to make an appointment with an OBGYN. In fact, some women choose to avoid the meeting altogether. But the truth is, you have nothing to be afraid of.

Ob gyn clinic Singapore, and all around the world, cater to the health needs of various women. You should visit these clinics at least once a month for a full check-up, regardless of whether you are suffering from a problem or not.If you need some solid reasons to convince yourself why you must pay periodic visits to the gynaecologist, then we have plenty to make you understand.

Here is a list of 8 good reasons why you should see your gynaecologist more often:

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  1. Sometimes, there are things going on inside our body which we might not be aware of. We may pass it off as normal, but the reality could be much more serious than we ever anticipated. As we grow older, our bodily functions and features gradually transform. Often certain changes go unnoticed but might pose serious health problems at a later stage.
  1. Pregnant women often prefer to visit multiple clinics instead of a single one, and that is completely fine. But the patient-physician relationship is difficult to build, and the new doctor may not have some critical information about her health. Fr example, if you have been visiting a certain Ob gyn clinic Singapore, we suggest that you continue visiting the same clinic till the completion of your pregnancy.
  1. You should also visit an OBGYN immediately if you are facing problems with your menstruation, as it may cause reproductive problems later on. Excessively painful periods or irregular cycles must also be paid attention to at the earliest.
  1. Breast examinations are important and recommended for all women above the age of 40. Breast cancer is spreading like wildfire amongst women, and it is better to get checked periodically just to be on the safe side. Breast cancer can be totally cured when detected and treated at the right time.
  1. Pap smears tests should be taken by women above the age of 21 to steer clear of cervical cancer. This is a simple and quick procedure, but it ensures the best of health for the entire lifetime.
  1. Women should also visit an OBGYN clinic to obtain birth once they become sexually active. This is done to avoid unwanted pregnancies, as protection is not reliable all the time.
  1. If a woman experiences pain while urinating, or sees blood in the urine, she must visit the clinic immediately, especially if the problem continues to persist.
  1. After the age of 21, every woman should opt for regular pelvic exams. It is considered indispensable to a woman’s overall health.

These were some of the reasons why you should never out of a meeting with your OBGYN. When our body matures, we become more vulnerable to various diseases, and regular visits to the OBGYN can keep our health in check.