5 Tips in Finding a Good Dentist in Dubai


When you go around the city, you’ll see a lot of dental clinics in Dubai so it won’t be hard to schedule an appointment. But should you just hop into the first one you see? People have different reasons for going into dental clinics. 

Do you need to see a dentist in Dubai because you’ve been suffering from a toothache for so long? Have you just moved to the city and want to find a dentist you can visit regularly? Is your dentist retiring? Is your company changing dental insurance plans? 

Well, whatever your reason is, it’s best to find a dentist you’ll feel comfortable with because chances are, you’ll be working with them for a long time. Here are some tips in finding the right dentist for you:


  • Create a list of clinics to visit. You can come up with a list by doing your research. Most dentists have their websites that you can check out. Find the pros who are near you, who you can visit easily. 


You’ll know more about them by reading about the work they’ve done, the services they offer, and the reviews they got from their previous clients (if it’s available on their website). You can also add to your list the names of dentists who are recommended by your co-workers, friends, and family. 

Note down their addresses, the services they provided for your friends, and what they have to say about them. If you’re moving, you can also ask for recommendations from your previous dentist or check out the local society of dentists where you are moving. 


  • Visit the clinics personally. Before your actual appointment, you can go and visit the clinics on your list and see how they look like in person or get a feel of the ambiance of the place. During your visit, you can observe how the staff (if there is) accommodates the patients. 


You can try to talk to them and know more about the services offered in the clinic or how a certain procedure is done. You can also talk to other patients around and ask about the dentist or their personal experience in working with them. It’s also your opportunity to check on certificates of the dentist, which are usually displayed on the walls. 

By doing so, you’ll find out if the dentist is a legitimate one or not. Be cautious about such things. 


  • Schedule a consult. Once you’ve visited the clinics, schedule a consultation with the dentist and come back on time. Some dentists offer free consultations while others don’t. 


You can decide where to go for a consult. Use that time to ask everything you need to know about the dentist as well as the procedure you want done. It would help if you prepare a list of questions before your visit. 

Some questions you might want to ask your possible dental care provider – are they a member of a professional dental organization, what insurance providers do they submit claims to, what type of anesthesia do they use, what kind of procedures are done in-office and what can be referred out, what are the prices of the procedures, how do they handle emergencies, and are there different treatment and payment plans offered? 


  • Look past the price. The price you’d have to pay depends on the procedure you would need. Dentists offer different prices for their services, and it’s up to you to decide if you want to go for the cheapest one or the most expensive one. But remember, it’s not all about the price. 


A dentist may offer you a cheaper price but won’t provide aftercare emergency services, while another dentist might offer a higher price for the same procedure but will provide excellent care from start to finish, even during after-hours or holidays especially if it’s an emergency, or even just provide freebies such as free toothbrushes, dental flosses, etc. it’s also a great idea to ask for payment options if they’re offering one. 

Some clinics ask for full, upfront payments while others offer their patients installment options. 


  • Choose an independent over chain dentist. Some dental offices are part of a chain. They’re usually found in well-known locations, which is why it’s easier for some clients to choose them over others. 


These clinics accommodate as many clients as possible for maximum profit, which means their patients don’t get their much-deserved attention. If you choose a local dentist who is independent, you’ll get the personal time you need to discuss all your concerns, you’ll get excellent care, you’ll understand any treatment plan you’re interested in perfectly because they will be able to explain it to you carefully without rushing because they’re not under pressure. 

If you want to find out if your dentist belongs to a chain, ask the staff or do an online search.