5 Signs Of Heart Attack And Stroke Among Elders That Left Unnoticeable

Whether you like it or not, your aging loved ones will go old as the years pass by. One of the most unbearable things when it comes to aging is health conditions that are making the process difficult. Many elders all over the world are having difficulties in dealing up with different kinds of health conditions. Among the widespread illnesses are dementia, arthritis, osteoporosis, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, heart attack, and stroke. The most common silent killers are a heart attack and stroke. These two are being popular due to many times, and there have no symptoms at all. There are early signs of a heart attack and stroke, but many people didn’t notice any of it due to the signs seem to be common especially to elders. So, in this article, let’s see what the common symptoms of heart attack and stroke that you need to watch out are.

Deep Breathing

Most elders are having difficulties in breathing normally. One of the common reasons is an allergy or asthma attack. It usually happened when the elder eats or got into a trigger that leads to the attack. But, when the elder has no asthmatic or allergic histories, then the difficulty in breathing can be a sign of heart attack or stroke. When the elder has a deep breath like giving an extra effort in breathing and making it hard and it is like having a pressure in the chest, then it may be an early sign of both heart attack and stroke.

Tiredness Or Over-Fatigue

It is also natural for elders to get quickly tired and distress. Even with small physical activity, they get, and it is normal since they are aging. But when tiredness or over-fatigue have become unusual, like experiencing every single day, then there is something wrong inside. In this case, elders need elderly care Houston TX assistance so someone will look after them and prevent such things.

Hot Flushes

During summer time, it is usual to have hot flushes, but sometimes, it can lead to heat stroke. Most elders are a victim of hot flushes because their organs cannot function just like the way they were when they are young. They got easily dehydrated and get prone to hot flushes, and sometimes, can lead to heat stroke. Both heart attack and stroke also have an early sign such as hot flushes that may seem unnoticeable.

Sudden Loss Of Consciousness

When a person becomes unconscious, the people around are panicking as it may be a sign of a severe medical condition. Elders, when they have a sudden loss of consciousness, it is a serious matter. Most of the elders don’t recover and die, although some got into a coma, some into a heart attack, and some into a mild stroke.


When you are talking with an elder, and out of nowhere, there is disorientation, then a serious problem is coming. Most of the times, the elder will eventually experience dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. But there are also cases that the elders will go into a heart attack or a stroke as the organs are already malfunctioning.

That is why it is recommended to bring the elders into a credible institution that can take care of their needs. There are excellent facilities like this home health care that will give the proper treatment in such cases.