5 Reasons To Call An After Hour Home Doctor Service

After hours home doctor services are becoming increasingly popular in Australia. For those who aren’t familiar with this kind of service, it is a medical service provided by qualified General Physicians during after-hours. A GP will visit you at home on specified hours, examine you and treat you accordingly.

Here are five advantages one can get from booking an appointment with a Home Doctor Perth.

Professional After Hours Home Visit

This is one of the best benefits one can get from home doctors. There are times when you cannot reach your doctor after clinic hours, and especially during the holiday season. It is also beneficial whenever you feel unwell and unable to drive yourself up in the hospital and wait to be treated. Or maybe, you’re home alone with a child who has urgent medical conditions. Home GPs can check on you when your doctor can’t, even during wee hours. They will complete medical examinations, and if needed, provide necessary medications and treatments.

One can book an appointment starting at 6 in the evening during weekdays. Home doctor services operate earlier on Saturdays and will begin at noon. During public holidays and Sundays, they are available all day.

Treats Common Ailments

If you have an urgent medical emergency like life-threatening cases or your condition worsens, one needs to call an ambulance asap. However, if one requires treatment for common illnesses, an after-hours Home Doctor Perth can take care of you. Some of the diseases that home doctors treat are elderly ailments, falls or physical injuries, eye or ear related illness, skin infections, acute respiratory illnesses, and migraines.

Confidentiality and Proper Endorsement Guaranteed

Your home doctor will make sure that all information related to you and the visit will stay confidential and only your general physician will receive a proper endorsement. The home GP who will attend to your medical needs after hours will forward all details of the visit to your doctor like medical exam results, assessment, treatments and medications given the next day. Your private doctor will remain as your medical practitioner

Bulk Billing Applied

Medicare and DVA card users can enjoy bulk billing for home doctor visits. This only means that such service accepts payments for your bill directly from Medicare and DVA. No hassle thanks to no out-of-pocket expenses.


It is indeed stressful when you or a family member is sick. If you choose to go to the hospital for treatment, one will need to travel, fill up a form and wait for your turn before a doctor comes to check on you. The line may be long, whether you have an appointment on your GP’s clinic or even in emergency rooms. If you have no critical and life-threatening illness, you’ll need to wait for your turn. Also, the hospital is one place where sick people can spread diseases, which you can catch especially those who are immunocompromised.

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With home doctor services, you get medical attention minus the hassle. One only needs to book an appointment, and you can expect the visit within 3 hours after confirmation: no lines, no travel time for you, and no risk of being exposed to other illnesses.