5 Common reasons why baby cries

If you have a baby or planning to have one this is one of the common problems which you are going to deal with. As well all know babies can’t tell their problem so crying is a sign that they are dealing with something which creating problem. So how to identify what problem our baby is facing and how to decide whether the problem can be handled our own or it is the time to see the doctor?

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Here are the top reasons why the baby cries?

  1. Stomach Discomfort:- 

This is a very common reason and most of the time we avoid this newborn baby digestion is quite a weak. Because after nine months of feeding through the umbilical cord this is the first time baby takes food through the mouth directly. So digestion is very weak and during this period the baby can encounter lots of gas problem. So simply need to take the baby on your hand with stomach inside and its shoulder on your head. Carry baby at least 10 to 15 minutes and once the gas is passed you will find that baby has stopped crying. 

  1. Teething

If your baby is more than 3 years older than this could be a primary reason for your baby crying. And excess saliva, gnawing, fever, swollen gums and loss of appetite are the main symptoms of teething. In such cases give a few minutes massage to your baby this not only lessen his pain but also helpful in the stage of teething. 

  1. Wet Diapers

Always make sure that your baby is not lying with a wet diaper for too long. It creates a diaper rash which can be a worse problem for your baby. This is also one of the most important reasons for a baby crying. If your baby is suffering from diaper rash then check out some home remedies or Diaper rash cream. And if it is not checked timely then you might need to see the doctor as well.

  1. Burping

As we already discussed that due to weak digestion baby need to deal with the gas problem. But if you help baby in burping after the food then this problem will not arise. Although gas and burping are two different problems of the same cause. After feeding carry your baby with your shoulder support until you hears the sound of burping. If you don’t do this then it will lead to gas in the lower segment of the stomach which needs to pass from the bottom. Once you developed the activity of burping after the food you will find this is any easy helpful remedy for your kid for any type of gas and indigestion.

  1. Hunger

Although this should be on number 1 we have taken at last because we assume everyone knows when their baby is hungry. Since they can’t tell when they need food so crying is the sign that the baby is hungry and need food.

These are the basic checkpoints for baby crying and if still your baby cries then you should try to see the doctor. There could be a possibility that your baby is ill and need some medicines. It is good to start with the home remedies but does not get too late to see the doctor. So make sure after checking all the basics and you need to approach the expert.  Most of the times it is due to some basic problem which we can take care of at home. And above are the most common and frequent causes of baby crying.