4 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Labor and Birth Facility


According to research, the setting of birth, or rather the birthplace is the difference between a fulfilling and traumatic childbirth experience. Most women are happy when they’re given a chance to choose their preferred medical facility for labor and delivery. However, the admitting privileges of the healthcare provider have an impact on the birthplace. We discuss things to consider when selecting a birth facility;

Travel Distance from Home

While the distance between your home and the birth facility has got no overall impact on the on the birth outcomes, it would be tragic to be stuck in traffic when the baby is on the way. Labor can be a harrowing and disturbing experience for most women, according to a survey by Parents. Think of the intense menstrual cramp accompanied by seemingly consistent twisting of the stomach that feels like someone is stabbing you continuously.

And if this is your first birth, then it’s obvious you have no clue how intense and prolonged the labor pain will get. That means you don’t want a hospital that’s too far away from home such that it takes ages before seeing your Brooklyn OBGYN.

High-Risk Considerations

Some women bear a history of high-risk pregnancies. In such situations, the odds of both the baby and the mother developing health issues are high and special care is needed. Intensive care is still critical if the mother has underlying medical conditions like high blood pressure diabetes and other chronic diseases.

Therefore, when picking the hospital for labor and delivery, it’s vital that you first confirm the facility handles emergencies such as preterm labor and placenta issues that might crop up.

The Amenities Available

If you a survey was conducted, then it most likely will prove that each expectant mother has some needs different from others. Most birth centers make all efforts to include all the amenities necessary for women to deliver in a relaxed environment. So it crucial that before you can settle on any given facility, establish what her special needs are.

Further, what’s the size of the room and can the facility allow her to go through labor and delivery in that same room? Does the hospital have the latest facilities to support and provide optimal comfort during the labor and delivery?

If possible, select the facility that has rooms large enough to accommodate your husband and a few other family members. At the same time, there should be sufficient room for the Brooklyn OBGYN to deliver the baby.

Hospital Policies Matter

Before you can settle on any given facility, consider the hospital policies or the going rules. Do they allow partners into the room and how many people can be present during the delivery? What laws do they have in place regarding hospital visitation? Check that you’re comfortable with all the rules before committing.