Fat removal without surgery

Fat in our body is something which we seem to become accustomed to at some point in life. This is because no matter how much we try to do something about it, we just cannot seem to be successful in our efforts. All the mindful eating and countless hours at the gym are just not paying back. It would be for this reason that you should definitely take a look into finding out more about fat removal without surgery.

In order to get you familiar with this process, the first thing that you would need to know about would be the creation of fat cells. This usually seems to happen at only two development stages of your life. The first one would be during the embryotic development in the uterus. The second stage would occur when one would undergo puberty. Since your body would be going through many different changes, one of it might be gaining weight. However, getting rid of this excess weight might prove to be not as easy as many think due to the reason that different people have several factors such as age, genetics, loss of mobility, and diet that would be contributing towards their result.

It would be for this reason that a lot of people seem to become disheartened and take the help of surgery. Thanks to the availability of such procedures, they would no longer need to exert a lot of time and effort. With a couple of trips to the surgeon, they would be able to make their dreams come true.

However, the other side of the coin would also need to be taken in to account when thinking about surgery. While it would definitely help to get the job done, you might be inviting more trouble than you can bargain for.

As a result of the drawbacks of getting rid of fat through surgery, non-invasive treatments or procedureshave been introduced. These would use fat-targeting molecules and manipulation techniques in order to improve the contour of your body and also get rid of all the excess fat. If you would like to know more about these kinds of treatment options, continue reading below.


  • This is a treatment option which has been approved by the FDA. Simply put, this technology would help the fat cells to crystallize. When that would happen, they would then permanently be removed from your body.
    CoolSculpting Singaporehas been found to be a pretty great option for those people who would be interested in targeting specific areas of fat. These would be those areas which they just cannot seem to get rid of, regardless of following a strict diet and exercise routine.
    •             Once the targeted fat cells would be frozen and destroyed, your body would excrete them in a natural manner. This would give you a slimmer physique that would also be aesthetically pleasing.


  • This non-invasive treatment procedure would use radio frequency in order to destroy the fat cells. In other words, heat would be used to melt away the excess fat.
    • Vanquish has also been approved by the FDA. As a result, the temperature could be raised till 45 Degrees Celsius, thus causing the cells to rupture and die. However, you have nothing to worry about because your body would naturally repair the affected areas and also get rid of the dead cells permanently.
    •             The unique technology skills of Vanquish will help to target larger problem areas – something which the other non-invasive treatment options did not provide.


  • This light based technology can boast on being the first non-invasive treatment procedure which has been approved by the FDA. This is because it would help to permanently destroy all the undesirable fat cells in your body.
    • These fat cells would be heated up in sessions lasting 25 minutes. Due to extreme heat, the fat cells would rupture and then die.
    •             This would work deeper and beyond the targeted area of fat cells. This would be done so that a more natural outcome can be derived.

Hence, these would be some of the ways in which you would be able to get rid of fat without having to resort to surgery. Even then, you should develop the habit of maintaining a healthy and balanced diet, regular exercise, and a good amount of sleep.