3 Things Millennials Look for in Cannabis Companies

Millennials remain one of the biggest markets of the cannabis industry today. With the millennial generation being an influential force that drives the social, economic, and political markets today, it is important to understand the demands that this group of people have in order to better serve their needs.

This group of people are known for their strong brand preferences. Apart from having an affinity with particular businesses, these individuals also prefer having an engaging relationship with companies. 

If you are a cannabis company selling a variety of CBD oil products, below are three things that can help you accommodate the needs of this market better.

Social Media Presence

Most people from this age group often take their grievances and praises – and even communication – through social media platforms. As a matter of fact, most data are already obtained through these channels, making faster and convenient processing and passing of information. 

Cannabis brands who are intent on reaching a wider audience should consider posting and sharing videos and images online. This allows users to see CBD products used in a plethora of ways, thereby informing, entertaining, and engaging all at the same time. Not to mention, a social media presence fosters deeper connections and relationships with audiences, an important factor for millennials.

Engaging Marketing Strategies

Having an engaging marketing strategy certainly goes beyond social media. For companies that have brick and mortar dispensaries, it is imperative that these establishments have a welcoming atmosphere. This means that the sales staff are not only friendly and helpful, they must also be knowledgeable about what they sell. 

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Likewise, apart from having a wide range of cannabis strains and goods on hand, the physical store must also include a variety of CBD products for people to choose from. This way, whether they opt for CBD edibles or just looking for a CBD vape pen starter kit, you can offer them their heart’s desire.

High-Quality Goods

Providing an assortment of CBD products might not necessarily gain the patronage of this specific audience. While this may be a good thing for dispensaries and companies to have, providing quality products are far more important. This indicates value for money for customers as well as premium items representing the face of the company.

With millennials being considered as the driving for of many cannabis companies today, it is best for brands to understand the non-negotiables of this target audience today. With these three aspects in mind, cannabis businesses can widen their reach. 


Kherk Roldan

Kherk Roldan

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