What is natural oil? All you need to know about essential oils!

What is essential oil?

Essential oils or natural oils are a liquid containing volatile aromatic compounds extracted from plant parts. Almost all parts of plants can extract essential oils, most commonly: flowers, leaves, bark, pods, stems, roots … With a history of thousands of years of development, essential oils are considered is the treasure of nature bestowed on humans!

The vast majority of essential oils are transparent, ie no colors. However, some essential oils are amber, yellow like: Lemongrass essential oil, patchouli essential oil, sweet orange essential oil …

Natural essential oils have a very striking characteristic: It can easily change from a liquid (or solid) state to a gaseous state, even at room temperature. That’s why when you open the lid there will be a characteristic aroma flying into the nose!

Pure essential oil

According to Latima, Understanding a simple and most common way, pure essential oil is an essential oil extracted 100% from nature, without chemicals, and has not been prepared with other chemical ingredients.

However, I think it is necessary to add an idea in the above definition, that is, pure essential oils are only extracted from a certain plant without being added to any other “single” essential oils. For example: Lemon oil, grapefruit essential oil, melaleuca essential oil …

Natural essential oils or pure essential oils are beneficial and safe for health. Especially with some essential oils extracted from but the herb can be eaten, drinkable, their essential oils can also be used in the same way.

Essential oils

Essential oils are mixed with some other chemicals but still ensure the aroma of the original natural oils. It may also be a natural oil but has not been completely removed impurities and has a high purity!

It is really difficult to distinguish pure and non-pure by smelling!

Synthetic essential oil or synthetic flavoring

They are artificially created, imitating the scents of natural oils. They even have the flavor of plants that cannot extract essential oils (eg apple, strawberry …)

This type is often used in cosmetics, soap, shower gel, hygiene products …

How is the essential oil created?

There are many ways to extract essential oils, however, there are some common methods:

Distillation with steam

This is the most popular method and also high purity. Essential oils of roots, leaves, flowers, bark are often extracted in this way. Lavender oil, peppermint essential oil, sandalwood essential oil … are extracted in this way

Principle of distillation method: Water vapor will be passed through a sealed container containing materials. Essential oils in plants are volatile so they will be dragged along with steam into a condensate chamber. Here both essential oils and steam will become liquid. The vast majority of essential oils are lighter than water so they will float up and be separated. Of course if it is heavier than water we can also separate normally!


Mechanical method

Including 2 basic ways:

Cold pressing or cold pressing

Heat press

The most modern is the cold pressing method, the oil will be squeezed out slowly. Helps the temperature not rise, thus retaining the purity and quality of the extracted essential oils.

Cold pressed or used with shell and fruit materials. The most common is coconut oil, grapefruit essential oil.

Essential oils produced by cold pressing can be considered the most advanced essential oils today!

Extract by solvent (or extract)

Simply understand that you mix plant material with another substance called solvent. This solvent will bind or absorb with essential oils in plants. We will then remove the solvent from the essential oil.

However, this method does not apply to the treatment or use of essential oils to protect health because the residual content of the solvent is quite large. The purity of essential oils when extracted in this way is not high!

What effect does essential oil have?

Essential oils have many applications, but LATIMA Shop can divide into three main groups:

Make fragrant room, create a comfortable space, cool, cool mosquitoes. This application of essential oils is called aromatherapy!

Health care: Reduce stress, help relax, treat colds, treat acne, skin care, hair care even to lose weight or cure some special diseases

Cleaning: May be cleaning clothes or stains in the house

However, not all the names are essential oils have all the above applications. Each essential oil has its own characteristics and effects.



Common natural and effective essential oils

Lavender: Suitable for relaxing the mind, reducing stress. Helps reduce bruises and stretch marks on the skin

Melaleuca: Good effect in the treatment of respiratory diseases

Tea treatment: Very famous for treating acne

Agarwood: Reduce stress, enhance immunity, good for asthma, bronchitis, cough

Lemon: Being used a lot, it mainly helps clean, deodorize, and kill bacteria

Lemongrass: Deodorize, repel insects, very suitable for chasing mosquitoes

Grapefruit: Very famous for hair care use

Peppermint: Helps treat stomach aches, nausea and is also very effective for headaches, dental health care

Primrose: Good for acne treatment especially endocrine acne, in addition to helping hormonal balance of women

Cinnamon: It is warm, so it is often used to treat colds, support digestion. In addition, it helps reduce stress, relieve musculoskeletal pain

The above is my share of natural oils, hope that these sharing will be useful to you. Wish you find the essential oils and use them effectively!

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