What Do You Know About Hair Loss?

Hair loss and a receding hairline would be an actual concern for just about anyone. It is a natural occurrence that comes about at a given point in everybody’s life, save for a few lucky people with forever full heads of hair. While these lucky few can thank their good genes for their full hairlines, taking care of one’s hair can also go a long way to ensuring hair remains intact for longer.

There are lots of causes of hair loss. They include treatment of diseases, over-processing hair and use of harsh chemical hair products. Genetic composition also falls in as part of the causative factors of alopecia as it is also known. On average, a person loses at least 100 hairs from their head daily through combing for instance.

In women, the loss affects the entire head, thinning out their hair gradually while in men, the hair visibly falls out in specific spots that include the temples, or the top of the head all the way to the back. There is increasing worry about having the baldness gene among men with more of them expressing concerns that they might just end up with a receding hairline. This is even a bigger worry once they hit age 20 and it gets worse from there on out.

In recent times, studies have been undertaken to isolate the pattern in which baldness is inherited through the genetic composition. The results of this indicated that the baldness gene is passed down through the mother’s side of the family accounting for the huge percentage of balding men in the world today.

In order to determine if your genetic composition puts you at risk of suffering hair loss and receding hairline, one is often advised to take a bald test. This test looks at certain parameters that include age, the current state of your hairline, the kind of stress you might experience on an average day and your family’s hair loss history.

Companies like OriginalGene are equipped with the information you will require to determine if and when you might start losing your hair based on scientific methods. It is important to help you understand what baldness is and how it comes about and what exactly you can do to try and stay the process of balding even for a little longer.