There’s a big correlation between increase in vaping and decline in smoking rates

As per reports from Monitoring the Future, it has been found out that smoking cigarettes has constantly declined in 2017, especially among the teens and the young adults. There are only 5.5% of the teenagers who belong to the 8th, 10th and 12th standards who have reported smoking a cigarette in the last month and this rate is also down from 6% in 2016. This emphasizes on the necessity of the well-executed and well-funded public education campaigns which are being initiated towards the teens which are playing a role in preventing more than 300,000 youths and adults from smoking ever again.

There is a big correlation according to this article between the ways in which there are plummeting smoking rates and soaring vaping rates. The big shot corporations are always boasting and bragging about how they are the best ones in the industry. Even though they might be vouching for vaping, still they are being pin-pointed as they’re trying to dramatise and exaggerate things. The same is true with groups which include Cancer Research UK, ASH, Public Health England and YouGov.

According a very recent statistic, it was showed that the total number of tobacco smokers in the UK plummeted considerably within the last decade, from 11 million to 8.2 million in the year 2016-2017. This is certainly good news and the lawmakers and the people from trusted authorities are looking forward to such decline in smoking rates so that the mortality rates among the smokers increase drastically.

There was also a milestone achievement among the 12th grade students where in a 30-day cigarette prevalence was under 10% and this is really something commendable. Among the same age-group, there were declines in large cigars, usage of hookah and smokeless cigars. The low prices and the fact that the little cigars are easily accessible along with the favorite flavors for the vape pens has made vaping more popular and smoking less popular. There is a wide array flavors like pina colada and others which make these products immensely alluring to the young generation.

In spite of the declining smoking rates among the youth, it is also a slightly disappointing fact that vaping has also increase post a year of decline. 65% of the young adults and teens are now JUUL users and they’re not sure about whether or not there is nicotine containing in their vape mods. Hence, if you’re a teen who has taken to vaping, it is advisable that you stop it because anything that you inhale apart from air is harmful for your lungs.