The Food Delivery Systems are Making Local Shops Disappear: This App Wants to Help

Just open an app, put the foods you love in the cart, and in sometimes a guy carrying your delivery is up at your door. This is what the world has turned out to be nowadays. No one knows who is cooking, no one knows from where did it come, and how the food is cooked. Well, who cares, nowadays we only concentrate on eating. If it tastes good, we will order again; if it’s not, we will not order any more from this shop.

We are now dependent on the machine nowadays.

The Pizza Industry is Suffering Due to This

The local pizza businesses are under financial stress because of the third-party delivery services. From an order, some huge delivery services charge 13% to 30% on the overall order.

Your local pizza shops need to survive, and even you are going to get a better pizza than the chain pizza shops. The chain pizza shops are looting you, and you don’t know because you don’t go out of your home and buy food. If you had gone out and purchased pizza of the same kind from both local pizza shop and chain shops, you would know that the difference of price they are asking. The chain pizza shops charge you a lot more compared to local pizza shops.

Order With Slice

On the other hand, you are going to get a real pizza from local shops. You can also order sides, pasta, and everything from a local pizzeria.

About the App

This user-friendly app is created so that the local pizzerias do not get disappeared. They make one of the most delicious pizzas, but because of chain pizza shops, they are disappearing. The fees they charge isn’t high, and so overall the price of your pizza would also be high. This is an app that is helping local pizza shops to succeed with pizza delivery.