The Essential Deals for Fat Burning for You

How to boost your metabolism to lose a few pounds without hunger or fatigue? You must of course eat a little less and differently and associate with this new eating behavior the practice of physical activity. For the fat burning recipes the followings are important.

  1. Program mini-luncheons

It can happen that the organism is put in resistance if one decreases too much its caloric contributions. In this case, the right strategy is to fast for a short period, for 16 to 20 hours: this would boost the mobilization of fat reserves by blocking the production of an ant thyroid hormone, the T3, secreted by the body for protects against weight loss.

Once a week, we skip either dinner (we rehearse the next morning), or breakfast (we eat at lunch), and we hydrate well (water, tea, herbal tea, vegetable broth).

  1. Discover chicory

Rich in inulin, the ground root fibers of this plant would help reduce blood glucose and lipid levels. It can be substituted for coffee or, better, combine the two, so as to combine the slimming actions of inulin and caffeine.

  1. Mint on my plate

Fresh or powdered, chili peppers with capsaicin, which stimulates the production of adrenaline and norepinephrine and helps to burn off sugars and fats. Cayenne pepper, Tabasco, paprika one chooses according to his tastes and his digestive tolerance. For the extream fat loss this is the best deal.

  1. Move every day

To lose weight quickly – and not to regain – it is imperative to associate physical activity with dietary measures. This helps to burn calories of course, but also, by developing muscle mass, to increase the basal metabolism: thus, the expenses of a body at rest can vary from 200 to 600 calories depending on whether one is sedentary or active! The basic rule is to walk at least 10,000 steps a day, or 6-8 km.

By multiplying the opportunities to move (go to work or shop on foot, take the stairs rather than the elevator), it is easy to get there. To motivate yourself and to know if you are doing enough, the ideal is to buy a connected watch that counts everything.

  1. Sip tea and / or coffee

Thanks, among other things, to the caffeine they contain, they slightly increase the basic metabolism, that is to say, the expenses of the body at rest, and activate the burning of fats. For coffee, we opt for long, and for tea, we favor green. In both cases, it is limited to 3 large cups per day, preferably before 15 hours. Regarding the advanced fat loss lose fat fast this is the perfect option.

  1. Split my efforts

The secret to burning a lot of fat is high -intensity interval training or HIIT (high-intensity interval training). This consists, for a short total duration of session (30 minutes maximum), alternating brief periods of very intense efforts (sprints, squats, pumps) with short recovery times (the ratio between effort and recovery is usually 2 to 1).

The advantage of these training sessions: they are adaptable to all levels and a large number of disciplines (running, swimming, cycling, and bodybuilding). The reason for this efficiency is that the caloric expenditure is important during the effort then the recovery: the more an exercise is intense, the more the body deploys energy during (to realize it) and after (to repair itself “).