Reasons That You Need to See a Physical Therapist

Whenever you run, every runner fears that they might feel suddenly that something jumped up and it is biting the calf, which means they tore a muscle. But with rehab and rest, it gets treated, and in a little time they get back on their feet and start running again. But what with the pain that starts in the left glute and starts after you run for 45 minutes every time.

The thing is to know what is the type of injury that you should go and visit a physical therapist. Let’s check out some serious injuries that need a visit to a physical therapist:

  • After three days of resting and icing still, the pain persists: After an injury in sports, the best thing to do is to take some days off the sports that bought the pain, and constantly icing the area several times a day and taking rests for a few days. After the rest, when you come back to the sports and find that the pain persists, you should then visit a physical therapist.
  • Dull pain frequently recurs: When the pain subsides with ice and rest, but after some other serious injuries this pain recurs, and every time if this happens, you should need to visit a physical therapist and address the issue.
  • Traumatic events: Some injuries happen, and right at that time you would know what has gone wrong with you in the traumatic event. For example, you rolled your ankle, and it swells up.
  • Pain meds don’t control pain: Pain killers purchased over-the-counter are partners of athletes, they always need them. But when the pain doesn’t come down the pain and not making you feel relieved, you should go for a physical therapist.
  • Acute pain and sharp: Dull pains are treated with the help of ice and rest, but sharp and centralized pains can indicate more severe injury. You should then visit a physical therapist.

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