Questions to Ask When Searching for a Supplement Manufacturer

The selection of a supplement manufacturer is an important task. It can decide the fate of your business. You cannot afford to depend on an unreliable manufacturer. To make the smartest choice, you need in-depth info about the manufacturer. That makes asking questions necessary. Ask the following questions when looking for the best supplement manufacturers.

Minimum Order Runs

It is significant to know the minimum order runs of the manufacturer in advance. When introducing your company out the business, you might start with a few orders. When the business grows, you will need more supply. The best protein manufacturer will have the capacity of meeting increasing demand. Go with a provider that can produce more.

Stock Ingredients

Does the manufacturer have the ingredients necessary for making the supplements? The finest manufacturers stock a variety of supplements for their clients. In case they are depleted, they will re-stock it. Consistency is crucial.

Managing Production

How do you intend to manage the production process? Find out from the manufacturer if you will be splitting the roles. Beware, some manufacturers leave some duties such as purchasing the ingredients needed for production up to the supplement company. You already have a lot to handle in your tight schedule. The ideal supplement manufacturer will do everything for their clients, from start to finish.  


Find out if the manufacturer is transparent with their suppliers. Beware, very few manufacturers are willing to show their true colors. Many carry out most of their activities secretively, hiding vital details that may put your business in jeopardy. It is in your best interest to avoid these providers altogether and choose one you can fully trust.

Certified Organic Facility

Most supplement companies prefer a USDA organic seal on their label. That would be an effective strategy in marketing their product. An increasing number of supplement consumers are looking for organic ingredients. In order for that organic seal to be compliant, the product must be produced in a certified organic facility. If this is something you wish to pursue, ask if the protein manufacturer has an organic certified facility, so you do not find out the manufacturer is not certified and the product has already been made.


Does the manufacturer give their clients access to the formula? This is another fundamental thought to keep in mind. If you do not know what is going into your product, how are you or your customers supposed to be ensured that the correct ingredients are in the supplement? If the supplement manufacturer does not allow you full access to the formula, it is not the one for you.

Cost Structure

The development of the supplements might involve undergoing various trial and error sessions before getting it right. Before commencing the project, know the price structure of the supplement manufacturer. The price structure contains the costs of every production process being carried out. Knowing the cost structure will enable you to budget for the supplement development process.