Preparing for pregnancy. Is it so important?

Pregnancy is a long-awaited event in the lives of many couples. Statistically, most pregnancies occur unexpectedly for the partners. Of course, it is a joyful event, but doctors insist on early preparation for the baby. Is it necessary and what steps should a woman take before the “interesting situation”?

Do I need to prepare for conception?

More often than not, couples over the age of 28-30 have planned children. At this age, most people already have chronic or acute diseases related to an unhealthy lifestyle or the environment. That is why it is necessary to prepare for conception, so that the baby develops in a favorable environment.

Some women and men have latent sexually transmitted infections. They could get into the body even before marriage, or develop due to violations of the vaginal microflora, infection through other people’s hygiene items or even after contact with sick animals. Toxoplasmosis is a serious disease that is transmitted from infected cats. Therefore, women who are planning a pregnancy should avoid contact with unfamiliar animals and sick people.

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After the age of 30, many patients are diagnosed with hormonal disorders. They are associated with stress or chronic diseases, and sometimes are simply a consequence of age-related changes. Women over 30, before conception, should undergo a comprehensive examination, undergo hormone tests, and determine the presence of these or other abnormalities.

The most important steps in planning a pregnancy

Men are also prescribed a comprehensive examination, medications to improve the quality of sperm, giving up bad habits and a healthy lifestyle. Let’s look at the requirements for expectant mothers in more detail.

Women planning a second child should do so no later than 10 years after their first pregnancy. Otherwise, carrying a child can be difficult.

Every expectant mother is recommended full examination, examination of a therapist, gynecologist, endocrinologist, and in the presence of chronic diseases – other narrow specialists.

Among the examinations are considered important general blood tests (including coagulation, Rh factor, infectious diseases, thyroid hormones) and urine, a smear to determine vaginal microflora, cervical scrapings, ECG, ultrasound of the pelvis, thyroid and mammary glands, fluorography. It is important to note that you can plan to conceive only after 3 months after the fluorographic examination.

If you have dental problems (e.g., tooth decay or inflammation), it is recommended to treat them. Pregnancy weakens the immune system, and such infections can seriously affect the health of both the woman and the baby.

Kherk Roldan

Kherk Roldan

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