Porcelain Inlays: The Magic of Ceramic in Enhancing Your Teeth Elegance

Among all the dental problems, tooth decay is the most prevalent problem suffered by different age groups globally. Thankfully, they can be treated through regular dental fillings. But, most often, the decay could be extensive, involving a larger area of your tooth structure. Such cases are usually treated with the help of inlays.  

Jackson Heights dental office consists of a team of highly skilled dental professionals who specialize in porcelain inlays. These restorations are successfully customized according to your individual preferences. 

An introduction to porcelain inlays

A porcelain inlay is a type of tooth-colored dental restoration that is fabricated indirectly. Dentists use a model fabricated from oral impressions to design an appropriate inlay restoration. Unlike regular fillings, the cavity is not restored directly inside the mouth. 

Porcelain inlays are excellent alternatives to conventional silver and composite fillings. This is because they are aesthetically superior, do not involve extensive tooth preparation, and preserve most of the natural tooth structure. 

Indications for porcelain inlays

A porcelain inlay is usually recommended for the following conditions:

  • Broken or fractured teeth that do not affect the cusps of your teeth
  • Large cavities that cannot be restored by regular fillings
  • Cosmetic rejuvenation of the tooth
  • Fractured restorations 

Porcelain inlays- procedure

Fabricating a porcelain inlay usually requires two visits due to the extra lab work involved. 

First Visit

  • Your dentist will evaluate the affected tooth and do the necessary tooth  preparation by removing the infected tissues
  • The prepared tooth will then be shaped accordingly to ensure the inlay fits the tooth snugly
  • Several highly accurate impressions of your teeth will be recorded and sent to the lab
  • Meanwhile, your dentist will provide a temporary filling to protect your prepared tooth from reinfection

Second Visit 

  • After about a week, your new inlay will be precisely cemented into your tooth
  • Your dentist will make necessary adjustments so that the inlay fits the tooth well

Benefits of a porcelain inlay

Porcelain inlay is popular due to the following advantages:

  • Blend with your natural teeth
  • Is stain-resistant
  • Prevents extensive dental procedures like root canal therapy and crowns
  • Preserves most of the natural tooth structure
  • Provides additional strength to your teeth to withstand the masticatory forces and pressure 
  • Is a cost-effective restoration
  • Is durable and long-lasting 
  • Can effectively restore a failed dental filling 

Bottom line

Porcelain inlays are valuable restorative procedures. Opting for these restorations may be the best choice due to their aesthetic superiority, high strength, and durability with a longer life span. 

Kherk Roldan

Kherk Roldan

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