Pharmabizconnect a boon for PCD Pharma Franchise companies.

PCD Pharma Franchise companies operates on the fundamentals of appointing Pharma PCD Distributors all across India, in this regards since its always time and money consuming that you have to travel all across the country meet pharma distributors or interested parties and convince them to take their franchise on monopoly basis for that particular district or they have to keep a field force who would do this for them, this involves expense, comes to their rescue as this is an online pharma exhibition or in other word a pharma search engine through which they get connected with interested parties all across India without they moving out of their offices.

Earlier all these PCD Pharma companies used to either travel or used to give advertisements in print media or participate in physical exhibitions, the problem with these advertisement models are that their reach is limited and the exposure is also for a limited duration, to participate in physical exhibitions both the Visitor and the Exhibitor has to travel, lot of interested p[arties avoid traveling as they have to spare their time, moreover the exhibition last for two to three days so the impression is limited, there is lots of Logistics involved for exhibitors as they have to carry their products and Literature take their employees for presentations, spend a lot on banners and leave behinds in print medium you cannot reach out to parties those who have seen you, you are never sure how many of them have seen you and reaching out to multiple interested parties is always a challenge.

Our Director in one of the seminars on Pharma Industry retreated the importance of “Online advertisement solutions and How it can benefit the Industry” He highlighted the New age advertising solutions for the Pharma Industry, he said, we would like to consolidate all the service providers in Pharma Industry under one roof and that is Pharmabizconnect, we intend to give relief to Pharma service seekers who can log in to Pharmabizconnect and reach out to all service providers in Pharma Space, this is going to revolutionize the Pharma Industry and reduce the pain points of the Customers.

Under one Platform you get service providers like Top PCD Pharma Companies, Top Pharma Franchise  companies, Ayurvedic and Herbal manufacturers and Companies, Leading  Pharma Contract Manufacturers, Pharma Companies Specializing in Specialties like Cardiology, Diabetology, Ophthalmology, Gynecology, Pain Management, PPI’s Cosmetology, General Products, Oncology, Veterinary, Generic, Nutraceuticals, and other range. You may be based out of any location of the country you would be in the position to identify a good Pharma exhibitor for yourself, pl evaluate the party before making and commercial transactions.

Bigger Pharma Companies like Lupin and Cipla have also ventured into PCD Pharma Business and they have also used our portal for some duration, the scope of business is huge, the market is already created and customers have accepted the model, anyone who is interested to be his own boss should visit and he will get all the solutions to his problems. Parties those who are interested in doing Generic business can test the market by reaching out to parties registered with Pharmabizconnect