Orange County Drug Rehab Centers

Orange County drug rehab centers are there to help when you or a loved one needs it. Whether it is a prescription, street, or opioid substances, there are centers in the southern California area that can and will treat an addiction.

When a drug addiction is present, getting well is paramount. After admitting there is a problem, which is the first step in obtaining the help necessary to get better, the next step is detox. This is usually seen by both clients and physicians as one of the most challenging phases of rehab. After this step is completed, you can get down to the business of becoming well, knowing the worst is behind you for good.

The detox process is simply getting a drug out of one’s system before beginning the work of breaking an addiction. Depending on the drug you are detoxing from, you may have to taper off slowly to be safe, or you could go the cold turkey route. Your doctor can advise you on which is the best option. Breaking an addiction while still taking a drug you are addicted to and/or are abusing is not recommended, as a desire for more can trigger a relapse.

To detox safely, it is recommended that the process is accomplished under medical supervision at the rehab center or another facility where specialized medical staff is present. Different rehab centers have different offerings when it comes to detox. Some drugs have harsher detox symptoms than others and require on-site medical supervision to accomplish safe detoxification. After all, you don’t want to go through a detox and risk things severe side effects like seizures, severe vomiting, or hallucinations without a doctor there to administer medicine to counteract those potentially dangerous things. When side effects like these are possibilities, doing an on-site detox is imperative.

As stated earlier the drug can be safely detoxed from home, but there should be medical supervision with regular checkups to test for drug use and overall health during the detox process. There should also be another positive influence in the home to offer moral and physical support when needed.

Once you or your loved one have detoxed and are “clean” of a harmful substance, there are amazing Orange County drug rehab centers out there that will help you or a loved one with the journey to health and sobriety. Get clean, be well, and start a new journey with a clear mind and soul!