Non-Surgical Obesity Treatment with Stomach Botox

How is stomach Botox applied?

Stomach Botox is currently applied in Turkey after Europe and America and this method attracted attention as it is non-surgical method for obesity treatment. Botox material that is used in migraine, hyperhidrosis and anti-aging treatment also helps to weight loss.

Stomach Botox is endoscopically applied and this procedure can be completed in 20-30 minutes. After reaching to your stomach from your mouth, Botox is injected to stomach fundus where hunger hormone is intensely segregated. Botox must be injected to a large section of the stomach for effective results. Botox used for stomach Botox is 100 times more than skin rejuvenation application. As sedation is given to the patient before the operation, there is no pain or discomfort. Patients rest in hospital for 2 hours after the operation and they can go home after this period.

Effects of stomach Botox

Stomach Botox starts to show effects 3-7 days after the application. Effect of Botox on the body lasts total of 6 months. Botox is applied to stomach muscles and it is effective on smooth muscles. Muscles subjected to Botox experience lower contraction capacity. For example, since contraction of stomach muscles that process food in 2-3 hours and discards this processed food in 4-4.5 hours slow down before the operation, this takes approximately 10-12 hours. Treatment enables reducing hunger hormone levels, reducing appetite, reducing consumed food, increasing time for food to leave the stomach and increasing sense of fullness to support weight loss.

With supportive diet and exercise program after this treatment, patients can have new eating habits and lifestyle. It is possible to weight 4-20 kilo in 6 months when stomach Botox is combined with regular exercise and diet program after the operation. Most of the patients can reach to desired weight after one session. However, if this is not possible, second and third injections can be made with 6 months periods. Injections can be made maximum for 3 times.

Although stomach Botox is a non-surgical method, since it is an endoscopic intervention and there is injection to stomach, this procedure must be applied by an expert doctor. Botox material loses its effects in 6 months so it does not have permanent side effects. Additionally, various clinical studies showed that as Botox is locally applied, this material does not disperse to other areas.

Is stomach Botox suitable for you?

This non-surgical method that eases weight loss is an attractive options for those who are not happy with their weight. Are you a suitable candidate for this application? Experts classify patient profiles who are suitable and unsuitable candidates for stomach Botox: Non-surgical stomach Botox treatment can be applied to patients who are afraid of obesity surgery and who have body mass index lower than 35, complain about their excessive weight, who don’t have stomach problems or Botox allergy, who tried weight loss but failed to manage this process and who are struggling to follow diet and exercise programs.

This treatment does not have lower age limit but it is not recommended for patients above 60 years old since there are age-related nutritional deficiencies and it is hard for body to tolerate Botox. Additionally, stomach Botox cannot be applied to individuals with Botox allergy, duodenal or stomach ulcer, stomach varicose, diabetes, hypertension, gastritis, chronic kidney diseases, pathological findings during endoscopy or individuals that has body mass index over 35.

Advantages of stomach Botox

  • With this intervention, it is possible to lose 40% of weight within 6-8 months.
  • Process to reach ideal weight becomes easier.
  • With weight loss, obesity-related diseases also get better.
  • Since effect of this procedure is maximum 6 months, this procedure provides high safety profile.