How to Make You Stick to Regular Exercising


You are right now reading this article because you know exercising has very good benefits, it improves your energy, it improves your mood, it improves your sleep, and it improves your health and keeps you always fit as week as it reduces stress, depression and anxiety. And how to start exercising is just a matter of click as you can get all information about exercising in tons and millions of websites. But only knowing how to start exercising isn’t enough, you need to make a habit of it, else most of the people would have been in shape. Most people know benefits of exercising but starting it and making it a habit is like a huge task. So, let’s make exercising interesting such that it automatically attracts you to the best fitness park and does so regularly.

So, what’s keeping you away from exercising?

Well, you should know, you are not alone here. There are many in the world same as you who has the trouble of starting an exercise plan or follow it through regularly. Many people fail despite their best intentions.

The schedules are busy these days; therefore, people have less time, and most of the time passes away working. It is absolutely true that due to lack of time most people fail to start or carry on exercising. But the biggest problem is the mind and to be honest, exercising doesn’t take away your time. Instead, physical activities are power pick-me-up, they will make you work faster and work better both physically and mentally. The mind is not giving you the boost you need to start your exercising or carry it on. It is the self-confidence that has become the barrier which stops you from taking positive steps. It is the hindrance from the mind that your motivation flames out and discourages you, and then you give up.

So, let’s talk about how to get out of mental barriers:

  • The attitude of all-or-nothing: Don’t start giving up when you can’t do all and then give it up totally. Spending hours in the gym and having aches all over the body won’t be liked by your mind. If you do some exercise, that’s even going to help you a lot. Just a run around the park routinely in every week will make you feel much better. It will keep you in shape.
  • Self-compassion: You should be kind to you and should know that you will succeed. So, don’t give up thinking nothing good will happen to you as your fitness level is too low or such things. These types of thoughts will diminish your will-power. Make yourself grow; it’s time, think of the unhealthy choices that spoilt your health, think about the past mistakes which are why your fitness level is so low today, and take those opportunities to challenge you.
  • Expectation: In many cases, it has been seen that people start exercising and then in a week or month they give it up only because they aren’t fit or back to shape. The question is, was it a week or a month that your body went out of shape? No, slowly and gradually it went out of shape and then how do you expect it transforms back to shape in a week or month. Your body needs time to transform, and you should give it some time. Someone transforms fast and someone slow because every human is different. So, don’t look into another person and get frustrated. Your motivation is the key to your success, and let your body take it’s time to transform back to shape and instead you should enjoy the time exercising.

How much exercise do you need?

The first fact you need to remember before starting an exercise program is that let’s just start with something, as it is rightly said that “something is better than nothing.” So, recommendations for adults is that they should try to do moderate exercise for at least 150 minutes per minute. That’s not a big deal, if you do moderate exercise 30 minutes per day for five days in a week, you reach 150 minutes. Well, don’t say you can’t find 30 minutes in a day. If so, then there’s a way too. You can break your time up, like 15 minutes two times a day. If you can’t even make 15 minutes a day, well, then 10 minutes three times in a day is also as effective as 30 minutes in a stretch. If you can’t manage any of it, then you can do one more thing, studies have shown that squeezing the moderate exercise to one or two sessions in the weekend gives you almost the same benefit. So, do you have any more excuse?