Get ‘Moov’ing with back pain

Back pain can force you to change your lifestyle and daily style of working. Get help before it gets worse – Moov can help you get back to your feet in no time.

It happens all the time. Just when you thought modern technology and every convenience known to man would simplify life and save time, your workload just got busier. There are numerous tasks to get through every day, and the day is done and evening is upon you before you even realise it.

But the race to get through all your To-Do lists and give some time to your loved ones every day takes a heavy toll on your body. You go to bed tired and jaded, and you wake up a few hours later still feeling tired. You’ve not been able to sleep off your exhaustion, and your body is still sore and tired. But you trudge on through the day, telling yourself that you can rest over the weekend. And so it continues.

Do you notice that your back is particularly painful after a long day of work? And that it doesn’t stop hurting even after you wake up and stretch? The pain gets worse when you work late nights or sleep for less than six hours a night. It may disappear when you rest a little or take a short break from work. But stress-related back pain becomes a daily reality for you, and back pain seems unavoidable.

Except – it is completely avoidable. Just keep Moov back pain cream handy.

Moov it – Get rid of your back pain naturally

Often, the simplest solutions to life’s problems stare us in the face. We just need to open our eyes and find those solutions! It’s the same with Moov back pain cream. It seems like something out of a fantasy tale to expect that a cream will literally rub away the niggling pain in your back. But with Moov back pain cream, this is exactly what happens.

  • Moov pain relief cream is formulated using unique natural painkilling substances featuring eucalyptus oil, wintergreen oil, turpentine oil and mint extract. Warm the painful area of the back using a heating pad or a hot water bottle, for about 10 minutes. After this, apply Moov cream on the back in gentle circular motions till the cream is completely absorbed into the skin.
  • Moov cream is ideally suited to night time application, so that you can sleep and let the cream work on the painful back in an uninterrupted fashion. However, you may apply it whenever you wish, taking care to rest the back for a while after application.
  • Regular use of Moov back pain cream removes the stress-related pains and aches that you are habituated to. It goes to the source of the pain and eliminates it completely, letting you get back to your feet and putting new confidence into your stride.

Other things you can do to reduce back pain

* Sit up straighter. Slouching in your seat at work or in your couch while watching TV puts a lot of pressure on the spine. The spine is forced to curve and remain frozen in an unnatural position for hours. Sit up straighter, resting a firm cushion against your lower back in your office chair or sofa chair at home.

* Stretch more. Moments after you’ve woken up, and at different times during the day, gently stretch your back to release the muscles and any knots in them. Stretch your arms heavenward, exerting gentle pressure along the spine. Place your hands on your shoulders and put your elbows out. Now pull the shoulder blades upward slightly and move from side to side slowly, feeling the stretch in the mid-back and upper back.

* Sleep well. Sleeping for about seven to eight hours every night is ideal. Detach from all electronic devices one hour before sleeping, and wear an eye mask to shut out any sources of light while you sleep. Make sure that your mattress is firm but not hard – it should dip slightly under your weight but not end up curving under your spine. Also, your pillow should provide adequate neck support – head must not dip below the shoulder blades as you sleep.

* Exercise. It might seem strange to exercise when you have a painful back, but trust us on this. Gentle exercise can aid blood circulation and remove the stress from the back, thus easing the pain. It also builds the back muscles and strengthens the bones to keep your back limber and flexible. Back stiffness and soreness are considerably removed with regular exercise – but don’t pull weights or run long distances if your back is tender or if you are undergoing back pain treatment.